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Nutrient deficiency help


K so plants are doing good go into flowering bam leaves start browning ..

Went up and down left and right checking everything from lighting to air to water ph and tds reading ..

Found the problem but how do I correct it ..

My soil is an all organic custom never used before mix starting ph 7-7.5..

Water PhD to perfection 6.5

Run off is ph 4.5-5...

How can I correct for that .. what do I do to get run off ph water higher..

I cant add nutes..due to tds reading being just above where I actually like it..

Should I just flush with 8ph water or just say next 2 watering get 8 ph water and see..

I'm 2-3 weeks from harvest on my Girl Scout autos and I don't like seeing them struggling specially because they were really growing fast before the browning started ..

Chris Scorpio

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Re: Nutrient deficiancy ..help

I’ve never had issues before but used a new custom organic Soil but again didn’t start until flowering ..
Lighting par rating on lock using optic led 4s
Ph soil and water good
Air circulation good
Temps and humidity on point
Tds 900-1500
5 gallon pots
Strain- autoflower girl scout cookies

Only issue is run off water which if that low is super bad for flowering specially but when I use my soil tester I still get 7-7.3soil ph

I would like to add that i could be way off ...I know I had poor fresh air intake for a bit but only like a week as my fans capped out..I really am not experienced at this stuff



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> when I use my soil tester I still get 7-7.3soil ph
Garden center soil testers are notoriously unreliable--junk that you're better off not even having most of the time.

If you're interested you can have a look at my blog for a video by Hannah instruments about how to measure soil pH.

Do you know what the soil you're using is made of? If it has a lot of peat moss (many do), that will definitely drive pH down.
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