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Nutrient water "cooking"


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Hey guys I'm sure it's due to not using the righ keywords but I recall there I'd a temperature in hydroponics that is to be avoided due to the nutrients "cooking" and becoming useless to the plant. The reason I ask is it looks like I'll be able to move forward with my fogponics project that I've been planning for quite awhile now but foggers are Notorious for being heat dumps. I plan on protecting the root zone by keeping the fogger in its own container, feed it nutrients with a 5 gal. water tower tank and sending the fog threw a 2 inch hose to the root zone but I need to know this "cook" temperature so I can determine how long I can run the fogger Before reaching that temperature, and how long I need to wait to let the water cool down before turning the fogger back on.

My plan is to incorporate the fogger like a detachable module to my current rig rather than building around it ( due to the heating issue ). In short I'll have a roofed-DWC-Fog system.


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Re: Nutrient water " cooking "

Hey man I don't know much on this subject but you cook your growing medium when doing organic grows for about 38 hours for the micro life to kickstart , also when the nute feed is warmer it's about 20% stronger/more effective but you are right in what your saying if they et to hot it kills them I'll see if I can find what I was reading and post it here for you as sure it will help you out happy growing [emoji1611]

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