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Nutrients Question


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I am a first time grower of the wonderful herb, but have done extensive research for over a year but have yet to find what kind of nutrients I should use and during what times. If anyone could give me suggestions or a link to a page where I could find this information it would be greatly appreciated. HAPPY 4/20!


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veg- 10-5-5 flower- 5-10-10 when it is puttin on leaves it needs more nitrogen than anything and when it is flowering it needs more phosphurous and pottassium the 10-5-5 and 5-10-10 is the NPK ratio should be on what ever kind of nutrients you buy N-nitrogen P-ph0sphurous K-Potassium ( I might have the P and K mixed up but you should get the idea )


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If you're going to grow cannabis, it would be of great benefit to order the best quality of nutrients online (unless you live near a specialty hydro store). If money is not an issue, look at the organic line of Advanced Nutrients products (specifically Iguana Juice--Grow/Bloom). Also, Fox Farm's Ocean Forest potting soil is amazing.:smoke2:
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