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NYFishing420 - Multi-Tent - Multi-Medium - 2000W Per Tent - Multi-Strain


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Hey guys, thanks for reading. I am just getting ramped up and finally starting the journal. Please let me know if there is any information i left out that you would like to know.

Overall setup is multiple tents set up in a room used as a lung that is cooled with a mini split ac. I will try to get a diagram up on here to show the over all layout.

Tent #1 - 5' x 10' grow lab tent.(its actually like 4'9" x 9' 7 or something)

Strain- (16) Dark Star in 3 gallon smart pots
(16) Agent Orange in 3 gal smart pots.

Medium- Canna Coco

Nutrients- Full Canna Line

Lights - (2) 1000 watt epic hoods with eye hortilux mh and super hps.

Fan/Filter- 8" max fan with a can 66 carbon.
The filter and fan sit in the back center of the tent at the ceiling. Air is sucked in through the filter and blown through the hoods and exhausted into a plenum. Vents near the ground supply intake air.

Temperature- during lights on maxes out at 77, during lights out drops to 70. Finally dialed that in pretty good :)

Rh- hangs right around 45 -50, a little bit higher right after watering.

The plants were veg'd under 18 hr mh for 21 days, and the lights were switched to 12/12 2 weeks ago. Verticle growth appears to have just stopped. And full flowers are showing on the tops. I have just switched the bulbs to hps today.

The dark star has been tied down a little due to the height restriction of the tent. But i would say the plants are about 4' tall after being tied down.

I will post pictures tomorrow, its a big day... starting tent #2. Same lighting and venting set up, but there is (2) 4' x 4' flood tables. Each table will hold (36) 2 gallon pots filled with hydroton for a total of 72. Gonna try sea of green kinda. Clones are all rooted and will be put in the table tomorrow.

The situation with the clones is a little sketchy. I made a rookie mistake last week and unplugged the cloner for maintenance and forgot to plug it back in. So there is gonna be a bunch of different strains on the tables. I had to scramble to fill it. They will include- dark star, agent orange, og kush, holy grail kush, 2 phenoms of the purps. I know differnt strains on a sea of green set up isnt ideal, but like i said i had to scramble.

Tent #3 will hopefully be set up in about 3 or 4 weeks. The plan is to do the flood tables in that one but gonna try 80 per table single cola in 5" pots. Plants will only veg for 10 days.

This is really an experiment to see what yields more. Last time i did all six lights together in one area, with 9 plants in 5 gallon buckets of coco under each light. I averaged 2 1/4 lbs per light. So if i can cut down on veg time and jam them in and yield the same or more im gonna go for it.

Between all the scenarios my money would be on the 5"pots doing the best for total yield


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Ok, got busy with the 4th so im a day behind with the pictures. But here they are. Tent #1, the plants are in coco in 3 gallon smart pots.

Plants were switched to 12/12 light 14 days ago. Just switched ftom mh to hps 2 days ago. I believe they reached the end of verticle growth for the plant. They stand about 5' including the pots. I dont know if you can tell from the pictures but the light on the left over the dark star had to be raised and anchored above the bars of the tent, opposed to hanging on the sun grips. The lower light has not been raised yet to show the difference. By raising the light like that i gave myself an extra 8". I know it doesnt sound like much, but the tops have already been tied down and i needed the room. The other light will be raised after this. But they are looking super healthy. I know the pictures make them look yellow, but thats just from the hps. If you look at the one close up where its green, that was taken through my method 7 glasses. The entire tent looks like that. Not a single sign of burn or deficiency. All the leaves are almost straight up like they are praying.(so far so good)

Tent #2. (2) 4x4 flood tables with 35 plants in 2 gallon buckets with hydroton.

Due to the issue with the cloner.... blah... i had to scramble to fill the one table. And only had enough for 20 on the other table. They are all mismatched and not at all what i had planned. I will grow them and even them out as i can. But this is day 1 out of the cloner. I planned to veg them for 10 days or so but i think it will be longet now since i have to let them even out a bit.
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Subbed up, looks awesome dude. Wish I could grow so many plants, so jelly[emoji39]

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Its not all fun and games, its a lot of work. Pretty much a second full time job. Not to mention stressful as hell.

I can only imagine, I have 4 plants going right now and even that seems to be quite a bit of work to me lol. All worth it in the end though! [emoji4]

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It is rewarding thats for sure..

Update Tent #1 Dark Star & Agent Orange in 3 gallon smart pots. These ladies look gorgeous. Super green and leaves always pointing to the sky. At this point they were veg'd for 21 days. Switched to 12/12 under MH for 14 days for transition. And are now on day 5 of HPS. Crystals are formimig. Internodal space is looking pretty awesome. Gonna be some chunkers i think.... hope you enjoy the pics. I will post more on tent 2 hydro next time. Lights were off, but they are doing pretty good. Gonna start evening them out soon.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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