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Obama Blunts


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Hi ya'll,
I've been wondering about the 2008 candidates and their views on pot legalization. :439::allgood:
any feedback?


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Obama says he smoked some pot in his young days. I have no reason not to believe him. I think he's probably pro legalization, at least not really against. (correct me on this one; I don't follow the US president candidates that well...)

But if he becomes the big man in the US, no way he will fight for it. It's always the same. If they're out the system they fight it. If they're in the system, they just go with the flow protecting their own career...

fat freddy

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ive heard that ron paul would "end the drug war"

but im not sure that means legalized marijuana


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Ron Paul believes that criminalizing and incarcerating drug users is counter-productive and has flatly stated that he would never use federal power to undermine a state's medical marijuana program. Ron Paul would leave the legalization of any drug up to the states, because the Constitution grants the federal government no power to make any law outlawing or legalizing drugs.


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All I know is the only candidate worth voting for is Ron Paul! He's for smaller government and has said that it's not the governments business to regulate what it's citizen consumes. Our current government only looks out for big business interest and thats why they'll continue to persecute Marijuana users. He'll also end a pointless war in Iraq immediately and close all foreign military bases which waste billions of tax dollars. With this extra money he'll do away with the income tax and we'll see the middle class begin to grow again. Oh and like blob said, he'll end the war on drugs.

I think all the other candidates are full of shit and untrustworthy. At least Ron Paul speaks with conviction and emotion.

Ron Paul for President!


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I am on the Ronny band wagon too. But if a person said they were pro legalization i may switch votes

Yeah but I'm pretty sure no candidate will ever publicly state they're for pro legalization. The closest you'll get is an end to the drug war. Paul's gonna do away with the DEA which is a fucking waste of good money.


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I was a big Barack Obama fan until I checked out his voting record and what he really has to say about major American issues. He is not going to rock the boat and has no major plans to turn our country around. We as a country have over-stepped our boundaries in the free world and Barack is just a pretty black face to give people false hopes. Look at his voting in regards to healthcare and social security. He is all about big business and pharm. drugs. He might as well be Hillary Clinton in my opinion :11:


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look, Obama may have smoked but now that he's in the system, they have corrupted him. I say we all track him down and smoke him up to fix his mind again!!! Who is with me?


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If it's gonna do some good,I would walk to the ends of the earth to take him a bowl to smoke.Tell him to free his mind and his ass will follow.:smoke2:
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