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Obscure Experience with Labcorp Test


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So i decided to go with the sub method, worked for me flawlessly before. Went through the same procedure, only when i got into the room they wanted about 4-5 oz and i had about 2. Ive been clean over two weeks where i smoked for a 4 day span, dirt weed, and before that i was clean for about another two weeks. So i was nervous and mixed in some mid stream of my urine, which looked clear and diluted. So i went out and put down the jar and the guy says the temps too high. Takes me in the room and searches me, finds the bottle. Im like fuck im fucked fuck my life. Dude says, how much money you got on you? So im like bet, this mf knows whats up. Paid him 20, he said he normally charges 100 (So just an fyi bring cash with you and they might work with you, we all gotta hustle.) So i tell him i mixed the samples and he says aight, bet, he goes and gets a 10 panel drug test they had lying around. He tests it, comes up clear of everything. He says, now this isn't the same test they are gonna do in the lab, and if they see a faint line they might want to retest it at a lower ng level but he said their test is pretty accurate and i should be good.

So i guess I'm wondering, do yall think Im good to go? I mean i guess he's the expert, im just looking for some support i guess.

Plus i wanted to share the fact that the people in the drug testing places arent there looking to fuck you, they gotta eat too. So bring some cash. I realize im incredibly lucky.
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