Obtaining a patent without a lawyer

I've recently discovered a new method to make a new type of cannabis concentrate. It seems to be even more potent than the 98.9% thc distillate I usually smoke. I don't know if it's because it's stronger, or if there's a cannabinoid in it that I have a low tolerance to. But it has some unusual properties, and is for sure something new. Or at least something that isn't publicly known. I want to patent the process and the concentrate but I have very little money, and cant afford to hire a lawyer. Dose anyone have any advice on getting a patent without a lawyer? Or any info on new unknown dabs? But I'm like 99.99999% sure that is hasn't been discovered by anyone else.
lol. I'm cool on that. They're not gonna take all my money. I'm just waiting on my LLC paperwork to go through so I can apply for grants. But that'll take a while and I want to start the process of getting a patent now. Without paying $10,000 for a lawyer


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lol. I'm cool on that. They're not gonna take all my money. I'm just waiting on my LLC paperwork to go through so I can apply for grants. But that'll take a while and I want to start the process of getting a patent now. Without paying $10,000 for a lawyer
Post info on how it goes. I too am working on an invention that would be used world wide. I know the demand will be there. I just gotta get around to building the prototype.


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Automotive related. I have never seen anyone do it, Yet I can see automakers not wanting to do it. It might wake up too many distracted drivers.
Very interesting. I would love to talk about it more, privately. I'm also somewhat of a mechanic and I have too many of my own ideas to steal yours. And shit, I got a few automotive related ideas you can use if you want. Mostly car fuel alternatives that sound good in my head but honestly I haven't gotten around to doing very much research to see if any of them will work efficiently.

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You can file for a provisional patent. I did it once. I let it expire but it was fairly reasonable process. You have to fill out a form and explain what is unique. There are different types of patents depending on what is unique. For example some are design based and I think others are more technical. Mine was easier because it was design based I believe.

Once you do this it is patent pending. Then you can discuss your idea safely for investors before going full blown patent. Sorry I don't have more details, it was a while ago. Best of luck!
Make sure what ever your invention is that it cannot be used by you to hurt any other industry the government warrants to be more important or more profitable for them or they will put it in a special category were it can never be used by anyone including the inventor.Look into what i am talking about you'll be amazed.Government Secrecy Orders on Patents Have Stifled More Than 5,000 Inventions

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I do know that one of the first steps is to get as much info as you can. Basically find every similar method and print out the details. That may save you some money, otoh maybe not as your agent will have to do that step regardless. Obviously you will also need a detailed description of your process and materials etc. Prototypes if possible.

Finding an agent is also quite difficult, finding an honest one even more so as I have found out. Here today gone tomorrow, foreign agents pull in take your coin then move to the next country and start all over again. Find someone whose been around for a while.

Twas a long time ago I remember very little of it all. The first 2 agents I called wouldn't even talk to me they were too busy with the oil industry. (Calgary)

You can finance it by selling shares eg; 1% for $1000 X 10 = $10,000 plus you lose 10% of your business but you got started.

STAY AWAY FROM RALF KOECHLING!, The patent guys and invention development group. Their's alot of crooks in that industry. If you think about it it's really pretty easy for them to take you for a ride.


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Be difficult to patent a concentrate that is, in effect, illegal in the eyes of the federal government. Unless you're a corporation doing billions in business yearly, then you can call it medicine, print up glossy pamphlets, and have your paid lobbyists quietly suggest to some US Congressmen that they might find positions on their boards to be highly rewarding when they choose to reenter the private sector. But if you can do all that, sure, go for it. While you're at it, encapsulate it and price it at $2,500 per dose, then have your new best friends in Congress approve it for Medicaid use. Die rich.

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I use to know a guy that started his own winery. He didn't want to pay for a lawyer to help him, feeling confident he could do it himself. And he did! It took him nearly four years of fucking around with forms and whatnot, but he did it.

A lawyer probably would've had it done in a few months.


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