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Odin's Blue Berry Auto Run


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Needed to get my supplies back up so threw in some free seeds I got on my last order. They are blue berry autos.

I'm growing in a5x6 room.

Using fox farm soil, in smart pots.

Fox farm nutes.

Blue berry auto, week 7.

1000 w de on 875.

Any other questions just ask.



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It's also recommended by fox farm. My well water is very hard, but the plants like it.
Do you have any issues with your well water? We are considering having a well put in because our water is from a private owned company and is treated with bleach. We do not drink it. The health department says the water is fine but if I can smell bleach in it coming out of the faucet I ain't drinking it.
I am currently feeding my plants bottled spring water. My yard gets water from the tap but when it rains I can tell a huge difference in the way the grass reacts to the better water. I know rainwater is better anyway, but the difference is way beyond normal.


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Ooo what ya playing/watching?
Thank you, they are loving it. After this game I'll flush and get some good pictures with out the light on.
Girls are looking banging btw. Have you been through to @Preston9mm blueberry group. Im sure the guys would love to see what you got popping here.


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Yes, only have well. They certainly like it. But it will clog up a shower head in 6 months.
We have relatively hard water here as well. Never bothered filtering it or anything. Never had any calcium deficiencies or anything like that. I do use calmag additives BUT i have no doubt if it was RO'd it would be stripped of a LOT of goodness. Obviously any impurities would be taken aswell but is it really worth it?


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Ac went down a few nights ago, just turned my lights down to 600. Foot it back up and going now. Everything is looking good, guy their first feeding at the flush last night.

Yea those plants looked amazing man congrats. Ive always wanted to try out berry blue ive seen it a few times when goin to order beans but always ended up getting sumthn else lol. I just harvested 2 strawberry cake last night and got them in the fridge doing the low and slow cure method. How do u dry an cure ur buds if u dnt mind me asking?
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