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Odin's First Photo Run Midnight Kush & Headband


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This will be my first photo run and my first run with fox farm nutes.

Strain: G13 midnight kush and humboldt seeds 707 headband

both hybrids

just dropped seeds


soil: fox farm coco loco

Pot size: will finish in 7 gallon smart pots

lights: veg 400w mh, flower 1000w de hps

temps: shooting to stay in 70s

ph: between 6 and 7

using fox farms nute line

Any questions please ask, any advice is welcome.

Here are some pics of my room, will post some off of my phone to.



Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
I'll toss out a beanbag chair. :high-five:

I would recommend half dosing with the nutes. Feeding my girls at normal amounts made them stressed.
The bottom most leaves turned a bit yellow.


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