Odinsmaster Comes Out Of The Closet With Peanut Butter Breath


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Well it's been a while since I have posted. My state finally went medical, so I spent the last year moving from the closet to a room. Now I'm ready to start a new grow.

2 strains: peanut butter breath, and bubble gum breath

Medium: coco

Lights: 6 timber grow lights 3vl half 3500k half 3k.

Temp and rh: keeping it 80° f. RH iis struggling to stay in the 40s

Nutes: Dutch pro

I'm high and that's all I can think of.
About 3 weeks in with clones. Had a rocky start. Really changed stuff up, built a nice little flower room. Using the closet for veg and mother.


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Looking very good, godofgods :) Strong, vigorous young ladies.
can't sleep so I'm up playing in the flower room.
That says 2:30 am. I’m in nz. WBU? Your state that went medical - ACT?
That’s also what I do when I can’t sleep.
Future runs which ones next?
The Durban & the shockwave.
They all sound mean, but that’s where my curiosity would start.
Welcome donketdick :Namaste:
I'm in Oklahoma mct. Yeah I have scene all of these seeds ran except that shockwave.

I also have some cherry fucker seeds from some flower I bought. Just the container stunk up the house. Got 7 seeds out of it, really want to try it to.

I have been sick and sleep is hard to come by.
I have been sick and sleep is hard to come by.
For me too. Haven’t slept more’n a cpl hours at a time in 10 months or so. A bit of CBD oil has helped a little lately. Got to get a press to make some gruntier extracts. Running gruntier strains is good too and it looks like you have that side of things totally pegged out! Good to see.
Yeah, I downed half a bottle a nyquil after work just woke up. Didn't even get to tell my girls goodnight. :cough: time for the other half and see if I can sleep till morning. I don't like getting high when I'm sick. But cbd oil does help to.
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