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Odor Control!


Hello Grow Gurus...

I have a pretty straightforward question about plant odor. I plan on having a grow of no more than 4 plants, in soil. I will build an enclosure for them, probably about 3x3x5, veg them for a bit, then flower them. The enclosure will be illuminated with to-be-determined fluorescent lights to keep cost and heat issues down (compared to HID).

The enclosure will be conveniently located next to my dryer, so I will be able to splice in the cabinet exhaust with the dryer exhaust. This exhaust runs up into the attic and then out a vent on my roof.

What I'm concerned about is the odor of the plants. I must absolutely, positively have no odor escape my house or grow room, and preferably have no odor escape the cabinet. I'll try to weather-strip the cabinet as best I can to prevent light & odor leakage, and I'll baffle the intake/exhaust fans. But, odor will undoubtedly leak out regardless of how tight it is.

How can this be accomplished on a budget? Will a decent exhaust fan, combined with a carbon filter, actually scrub all the odor? What type of CFM should I be looking for? What about just using an air purifier (ionizer)? Or must I use both to be super-safe? Has anyone built a homemade carbon filter that can actually compete with a store-bought one?

Any and all suggestions would be most helpful :439:. The sooner I can solve the odor issue, the sooner I can get the grow going, the sooner I can smoke up my own ganja! Remember, I'm thinking inexpensive.

Be Irie

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in expensive is not in my vocabulary... Check around creeper, there are some good DIY plans for about all your needs and a few good ones on carbon filters.. As long as you are pulling out a little more then you are pumping in the smell should go right out the vent...:peace:


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I read on some other thread here on 420 that air ionizers removes a lot of odor. I can't verify though.


Thanks for the helpful tips, guys (or gals). That link is very helpful, opcgrow, thanks. Along with odor removal, air circulation was another concern.
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