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Odor control


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I currently grow on a very small scale, a closet under CFL for starts & veg and HPS in a 2' X 18" cabinet for flowering 2 plants at a time. My latest grow was an afghani (?) of unknown origin, that turned out great by the way, but very smelly. Here in the desert southwest venting outside is not a great option as there is very little breeze during the summer which lasts most of the year. I use a carbon filter on the exhaust side of my cabinet but it doesn't help much.
What do y'all use?


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The carbon filter should work as long as you have the closet setup correct.

When closed up, the closet needs to be at a negative pressure. Which means you need to be exhausting more air than you are letting in. That way you know all air leaving the closet is going through the carbon filter.

If the closet is in a positive pressure, it will leak air that didn't go through the carbon filter.

The other thing is to make sure your carbon isn't all clogged up. You didn't say anything about your filter, but usually low heat or direct sunlight will re-activate it.

Ona gel works great too.



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Thanks for the replies. The carbon filter I use is actually a cabin air filter used in high end Toyota's & Lexus'. I do believe my cabinet is negative pressure as the temps stay constant with lights on and very good output from the top.
Tell me more about Ona gel.
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