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Off-duty Officer Tracks Down Shopper Who Allegedly Had Pot


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Anthony J. Malespin, 20, of 10414 5th Armored Division Drive, Fort Drum, was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana at 8 p.m. Tuesday, according to Jefferson County sheriff's deputies.

Police said suspicions were aroused when an off-duty officer shopping at the Wal-Mart on Arsenal Street noticed that a fellow shopper, Mr. Malespin, had red eyes and smelled of marijuana smoke. The off-duty officer made his purchase and then followed Mr. Malespin and another man to the food court at the Salmon Run Mall, where he called for backup, police said.

Officers said that when Mr. Malespin left the mall, the off-duty officer confronted him and, following a search, found rolling papers. The off-duty officer then received permission to look through Mr. Malespin's car and found a burnt marijuana cigarette, police said.

Mr. Malespin is due in town of Watertown Court on Thursday.

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Thats fucked up the cop is off duty, he should just mind his bussiness. and be a regular person instead of going all undercover and shit,


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That really sucks,This cop is off duty no id stating he is law enforcement...He should of minded his on buisness ...bet he went home and drank some alcohol to celebrate .There is no way a judge should even allow that in court.
I think that is entrampment..? Well any way its wrong

JiMi Miller


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Let this be a lesson to us all... I've known about this before now. I've had a few friends arrested because an off duty cop pulled them over by flashing their lights and then held them there until back up arrived, or catching a guy I went camping with when he spray painted a sign post--another off duty cop spotted him and held him there until his buddies could get there.

OFF DUTY POLICE, ARE STILL POLICE! And what do we know about police? That a lot of them are either conditioned to hate us because we're considered, "criminals," or like to get their jollies by harassing the occasional gentle pot head who would like nothing more than for everyone to just get along and smoke a bowl.


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I've never gotten busted for weed by the cops but I can imagine if I did I'd give them one hell of a fight. I don't even know why, I guess I just hate cops. But this story is just one of the millions that happen everyday. Unlawful arrest, but there's nothing you can do about it. My friend had his house raided for meth, and my friend hates meth. The cops found nothing but his house was trashed. And he couldn't even take them to court.


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Keeping his community safe but not from his insanity.. are we sure he wasn't a rent-a-cop?:47:

Yakuza Kick

aint that bitch to get caught up like that? shame shame shame people need to stop being such assholes and just worry about themselfs instead of trying to be a hero.... u know what we do to hero's... lol
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