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Off Topic Forum Photo Tutorial

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Keith Lake

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Welcome to our step by step guide to the use of the 420 Magazine Photo Gallery.

420 Magazine maintains dedicated galleries, arranged by subject, so as to maximize the organization of the site's photos.

Corresponding to the launch of our new Off Topic Forum, we wish to direct our members to the new Off Topic Photo Gallery.
OFF TOPIC PHOTOS - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery

Please note that primary guidelines still apply, so nudity, reefer madness, cartoons and the like are still not allowed. Photos of anyone looking even remotely like a minor, will be deleted without warning.

Please feel free to contact The 420 Staff if you need any help using the gallery.

Resizing Photos

To start off, you need to make sure your pictures are the correct format.
Our gallery accepts jpg, jpeg, gif, png file formats.
Photo size must not exceed 10MB.

If your photos are larger than 10MB, Here are some links to free online photo resizing tools:

Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos online for free
Online Image Resizer - Resize digital photo, images or pictures online
Resize Images online
Resize Images Online at ResizePic

Photoshop for PC and/or Aperture for Mac to Resize photos in bulk.

Uploading Photos To Off Topic Gallery

Click on the Photo Gallery button that can be found at the top of any 420 Magazine page.

When the gallery main page opens you'll click on the 'Upload Photos' button. You can also do this by just clicking on the "Gallery" button at the top of any page and choosing "Upload Photos".

When the 'Photo Upload' window opens you'll have three things to do.

First make sure to choose the Off-Topic Gallery from the list. The default setting is Member Galleries. You need to scroll down the list and choose OFF TOPIC PHOTOS

Here you can name your photos and write some comments and descriptions if you like.

Next click on the "Select files for upload" tab to gain access to your computers image gallery where you will select your photos for uploading.

Wait for each photo to completely upload, then click the "Upload/Submit" button.

Finally you will come to the page where you can name each photo and several other choices. Complete each photo you choose to name and then hit the "Process" button.

The photos are now in your gallery ready to be posted when you need them.

TIP: Insert your pics in the proper categories. Buds into 'Buds' category, Plants in 'Plants', etc. All of those images will then appear in your own 'Members Gallery' automatically as well as being available in their proper categories where most gallery gazers tend to look.

Inserting Photos In Threads

First start a new post. On the tool bar above the text box is a camera icon, or you can choose the "My Photos" tab on the left bottom of the text box.

The Gallery window will pop up. From there choose your photo or look for one by choosing the pages. Click on each photo that you want to insert.

Each photo that you have clicked on will show the Image URL on the post.

To separate your images, so they don't appear connected to each other, insert a space between each image URL on the post.

Your images are now inserted on your post! Please do not choose "thumbnail" images to post.

If your gallery window does not show when you click on the camera icon or My Photos tab while working, check your task bar or behind your current window. It will stay opened until you close it or send your post.

Also, please remember we do not allow off site image hosting. All images must be uploaded to either the member galleries or in the Off Topic Photos section of 420 Magazine.[/QUOTE]


Right mouse click on your photo and choose "Copy Image".
If you are not using a two button mouse, you will need to hold down your CTRL key as you are clicking on the photo then choose "Copy Image".
Now follow the directions above in the "Inserting Photos In Threads" section of this guide.

For more information, please read our posting guidelines
Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

If you have any problems try the process again carefully. If you're still having trouble,
please contact The 420 Staff for further assistance.
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Keith Lake

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All members can use the Off-Topic photo gallery to upload Off-Topic photos.

When you first enter the gallery the default sub-gallery is "member". You need to click on the off topic gallery

It's the bottom gallery in the list- see photo

If you start the upload process by clicking upload photo - make sure to select off-topic photos in the drop down box

Please remember off-topic photos are only for use in the off-topic forum ;)


Keith Lake

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420 Staff
We need you to make sure that all off-topic photos are uploaded only to the off-topic gallery.

The reason is that this helps up keep our Cannabis-only galleries uncluttered and organized. Additionally, since we don't watermark off-topic photos, when they are uploaded to the wrong gallery we can't simply move them to the right place, the watermark is permanently attached during uploading.

This means we either have to delete the photo or go through the lengthy process of asking the member to re-upload it to the right gallery, followed by editing the new photo into the thread where it was used. This consumes our scarce moderator capacity on non-Cannabis related issues.

Thank in advance for your anticipated help and understanding.



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Landscape/Sideways Photo Issues - Windows 8 & Android Phones/Tablets/I-Phones Fix

This is a fix for the issues some members are having when loading photos to the site that turn out sideways or in Landscape mode.

If you are using an Android Phone/Tablet/IPhone:

"Problem solved. I figured out that iphones and apparently android phones record their orientation. If you hold an android phone upside down, the picture looks right side up, but the android records the orientation. Then, your system reads that orientation and attempts to correct it. The correct action it to make sure you take your pictures with the volume buttons down"

* Tip submitted by TheCapn

If you are having trouble with this issue as a Windows 8 user:

"I solved the upload issue with Windows 8. I can now get it to upload with the correct orientation. I will explain:

Step 1:
Use import to import pictures from your camera memory card. W8 stores the pictures just like the camera took them, some more modern cameras I understand can compensate for that.

Step 2:
View your imported pictures using windows picture viewer. All your sideways photos will appear correctly even though they are stored in landscape mode. This is why whey you upload they come out sideways. The way to fix it is go through all your pictures that were taken with your camera in portrait orientation and rotate the picture in photo viewer so that it is sideways, then move on to the next picture. The photo viewer is forced to save the picture in that orientation. Do this for all the pictures, then go back and do the same thing except this time orient the picture the way you want it and move to the next picture and windows 8 will save it properly."

* Tip submitted by Tryshard
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