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Officaly week 12 of flower need opinion should i cut now ?


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ok today 1st day of week 12

trichromes for the last 3 weeks or so

smeel is there

microscope shows alot of milky and amber someplaces

even seen black trichomes not sure if it was mites tho

too many mites they just poped outta no where the last few days

dont want my thc content to be hurt

just lost 3 whole fan leaves

and two more turned purple on me in the last 2 days

im thinking its time for harvest about 75% or more red hairs too

cute and nipped all the finger leaves off , thinking that prolly stressed it tho but

i dont wanna wait any longer ive now waited almost 2 half weeks longer then when i org wanted to harvest

unknown everything it was a seed from a friend who got it from a swag bag

looks nice and evenly done

sampled 2 weeks ago got a head high off toaster oved dryed peice

dont really have a reason to keep going and letting the spide rmites eat at my crystals , and lets the plant decay and break down thc

ill have apic up as soon as my dumb iphone decides to connect and send the email since it doesnt even connect on the usb anymore ,keeps saying rejecte dby server ...,

anyways need a show of hands who says harvest

even my friend is telling me to harvest but it kills to chop her down after 1 week shy of 4 months now total

wahhhhh lol


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ok heres a pic u can see the fan leaves drooping somthing screwed them over i havnt over or under watered this just happen between last night and today too

anyways im prolly gunna harvest either way unless someone has a reason not to

was planning on doing it anyday and i think the thc is decaying now



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ok if u think so im just adhd and im like no wait 1 more day more crystals more thc it can get better even more better muahahaha and my inner self says u better cut it b4 u wait too long jack ARSe

wish i could just pluck the buds and push her back into vegg maybe try to get her to make me a fem seed

or somthing

quick should pull entire plant clip leaves and cut into thrree peices hang dry in my dry room

or should i just pluck my buds and push her back into vegg ?


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drying for 2 days now , thinking about putting into jars and burping every 6hrs then every 10 and then every 12 just cause i have the time to devote to doing it that way


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Nice looking plant! you starting any new grows anytime soon?

my humidifyer broke today .. ugh i even rewired it past the reset button and still nothing i think thiers a safty fuze in the night somehow ... grrr i liv ein a very dry climate and my cure is gunna get screwed up ... ima have to use cups of water and a wet towl for a min i guess....

UPDate... after cutting the safter switch 3 wires and taking the thing apart i found a thin silicone heater element under the metal peice it was corroded poped it apart put some rubbing alcohol on it tighted it down and i have my bootleg humidifyer with no safty off swtich now lmao wish i woulda known the before i cut all the wires up thought it was the reset switches fault ... grrr
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