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Official First Time Grow White Widow 600W LED Set Up


Did a little more LST trying to keep an even canopy feed them today 3 tsp of FF big bloom 2 tsp of FF grow big ph @ 6.49 and ppms @ 976
So I felt like I wasn't stressing the girls "properly" as the big fan leaves were still in the way of all the node growth.... so I moved them when I accidentally snapped one of the biggest fan leaves.... I'm sad now I was trying so hard not to remove foliage at all or at least not this early hope it doesn't stunt growth.... ugh

Feels like they have slowed down on growth I know the nodes are getting a lot bigger but the height is still low(obviously I know I keep pulling limbs down) I just expected them to be taller I guess at this stage this Sunday would be the start of week 5 the start of week 6 is when I will flip it to flower...


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I am very interested in the strain, they look amazing too!

I was thinking about getting this light, but I'm going with mars hydro 600w only in veg and 4 CFL 2700k 23w as well as the mars in the flowering stage. I've heard these lights aren't very good in flowering [emoji848] I'm interested too see


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Any advice for a soon to be new grower? New laws in Canada within the next year will allow us Canadians to legally grow 4 plants per household!

I'm going to grow WW as my first indoor strain too! Can anyone comment on the performance of the vipar 600w / Platinum led 600w or a 400w HPS for a first time grower ?
I have the viparspectra 600w this is my first grow so it's living up to expectations so far in Veg. I'm gonna do different strains in my next grow but I've never had white widow so I hope it's good it's already smelling skunky so the best advice to give is DO NOT OVERWATER OR OVER FEED It's easy to add nutes and hurts way more if you have to reduce the amount which u always find out after damage has been done. Figure out the type of nutes and soil first.
Well they will grow a lot in the first two weeks of flower so don't be to bummed.. they will get bigger still. Plus you could veg for an extra two weeks it could double your yields.

Yeah I'm letting them veg an extra week I'm suppose to start them into flower week 5 but I'm doin it week 6
I swear to god something has got to be eating the plants one or 2 leaves on each I have looked under leaves and everything I have no idea what it could be![emoji35][emoji35]


Well the babies are looking good I've slowed down whatever was eating on the leaves I'll have something to spray for them tomorrow but it's day 2 of week 5 and fead them 2tsp of grow big and 5 ml of cal/mag getting ready for flower come sunday[emoji16] can't wait!
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