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OG Kush Budding Cycle Day 33


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Hello My 420 Friends:

I'd like to share some pictures of my girls in Budding Cycle Day 33 - Sensible Seeds Medicann OG Kush.

I'm flowering these girls in my new grow room under a 400W HPS (2100K) along with ten (10) 23W CFL's (6500K, 5000K, 3500K and 2700K) for a total of 630W combined. I vegged them under a 400W Metal Halide (4200K) and six (6) 23W CFL's using roughly the same color temps as above for a total of 538W combined.

This particular grow was hampered by a number of factors - the most challenging of which was battling very high temperatures while configuring my new grow room (in an attic). The girls suffered some heat stress which slowed growth for ten (10) days or so. The heat, coupled with determining adequate light placement resulted in some additional stretching. Improving ventilation, maintaining optimal grow temperatures and compensating for the reduction in lighting was a steep learning curve yet highly instructive.

The upside? No apparent reduction in yield :)

I chose to top, lollipop and back build the buds on my girls as I have to contend with height restrictions. If the 8-10 week flowering period is accurate I anticipate a great harvest. Any suggestions/feedback especially from those with experience growing this particular strain would be very much appreciated. I can't wait to try it.








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here are a few more from Day 35 - buds are thickening up nicely since back building. My girls are 28" tall and 10" from the HPS - very cool to the touch.



Organic Weed

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You are definetly going to have a nice harvest. Bud may even double in size compared to how the look now. What did you do to cope with high heat? Which measures? I have the same problem but could not get away from if in the way I wanted. I think my harvest may be a bit compromised because of that


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You are definetly going to have a nice harvest. Bud may even double in size compared to how the look now. What did you do to cope with high heat? Which measures? I have the same problem but could not get away from if in the way I wanted. I think my harvest may be a bit compromised because of that

Hi Organic Weed:

Thanks for the kind words.

I'd love nothing more than to double the yield - and remain cautiously optimistic that my girls will blow up in the next couple of weeks.

Since dealing with the heat - my girls have been making up for lost time :)

As for the heat - I ended up adding an additional intake fan (four inch) to supplement a (six inch) intake fan. The combined CFM did the trick and now I'm drawing plenty of cool air to counter the heat generated by the CFL's. Here's some recent pix:



I'm sorry to hear that the heat remains a challenge for you. It's frustrating to say the least. Is there a way to increase airflow via an additional fan(s)? I've had luck in the past with such measures. Hmm, my first thought would be to increase airflow via an additional fan. Is that possible?


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Man, thank you for this...
I've also double my intake air. I have one small intake fan and double it in power and put 2. In addition I have one small fan and one axial fan inside for air circulation. I must say my cabin is pretty small, 2 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft and I'm using a 400 HPS with cooltube... I know, I should use a 250 HPS max. However my plan is to do the following changes in my next cycle:

1. Make it larger, 2 ft x 3 ft x 6 ft
2. Go for LED 200 or 300 W until the first few weeks of flower before switching to HPS 400
3. Put inside my cabin a vertical high power fan
4. Put an additional intake fan (the third one)

An additional measure I am considering is to buy a used movable AC linked to a temperature-meter that blows cool air towards the intake fans when T is above 73 F (23 C). I have a T difference in-out of about 12-15 F (8 C). That's a lot even for running night cycles.

However, I don't think that making my cabin 1 ft larger would improve much my situation.... what do you think?
I see you have TONS of space, which makes your environment somehow a bit easier to control and dissipate heat compared to a wardrobe-growroom.
How big is your space?
How far form the tops are you keeping your 400 HPS?
Do you have cooltube?

These are the pic of my ladies, 48 days. Now they are 53 and have been fatting more coz T went down (low 70's night time). I am 1 to 2 weeks away from harvest.

Kosher kush

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Hi Organic Weed:

First, your girls look great - you'll have dense nugs to enjoy very soon.

The portable AC unit is an outstanding idea. That's exactly what I did to help cool my grow room during the dog days of summer. I ran a small 8,000 BTU LG portable AC unit which was exhausted outside via my fireplace. It also contains a dehumidifier which is a great plus. You may be able to adequately cool your grow room w/o having to increase its size. I can power everything on a 20 amp circuit - hopefully you can do the same.

My current grow area is 4ft width x 4ft depth x 6ft height (which only a fraction of the total space). The room is situated within a large storage area. Yes, I use a cool tube reflector along with a powerful Max Can fan. This set up enables me to keep the 400HPS 10 inches from the canopy. I can literally touch the cool tube. I'm very fortunate to have this setup. Here are some recent pix (Day 43):



I am planning to harvest on Day 56 - the trichomes are nearly there. I shoot for the more uplifting heady type effect. Good Luck - and please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.


ps - it gets warmer whenever I am working in the grow room - thus the 82 degrees :)

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Thanks for the info... Great plant with almost no void space between top and bottom!!!
Man, I would have guessed your room was at least double this size looking at the pic.
Nice set up, intake fans nicely fixed in the walls. My grow us more messy w tape all over. I'll fix it properly next time...

So the only thing that worries me about the AC are costs... How much did your el bill increased? And did you use a portable AC?


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There was an increase of approximately 15% per month (negligible given the return on investment). Yes, I used a portable AC and was able to dial in the temperature w/o it running 24/7. Some more pix:




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