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OG Kush x Haze From Crop King Seeds


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I got these 5 seeds from Crop King. 100% Germination.
I have 1 witch is Haze dominant, 1 is Kush dominant and the other 3 are a perfect mix of Kush and Haze.
I believe this one is Haze Dominant. (Just smoked a sucker bud from the bottom branch) Its quality stuff. I'm very satisfied.
This one Kush Dominant
The next 3 kind of look the same. A perfect mix of California OG Kush and Crop Kings Best Amnesia Haze

I forgot what I was going to say. https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/504/DSCN097411.JPG[/img]:50:
:thanks: Crop King.:high-five:


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I have same strain from cks and 90% germination on 10 seeds . 3 pheno different on 9 seeds like you ,2 sativa dominant grow most faster and smell strong in first week veg and she have 11 fingers leaf,1 ladie i tink mostly kush dominant, leaf are most dark green and thick, look like lettuce ,and all other perfect mix
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