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OG Skunk #1

Scott Wheelman

Legal Advisor
420 Staff
Strain Name: OG Skunk #1

From: River Valley Collective

When: June 2011

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Bright to medium green nugs with orange hairs

Smell: Sweet and fresh with a bit of lemon/citrus

Taste: Reminds me of "Lemon Bar" pastries — a lingering sweet and lemony flavor

Buzz Type: Deep body stone

Buzz Length: 1.5-2 hours

Best Medicinal Use: Daytime muscle relaxation and pain relief

Overall: Skunk #1 has always been a favorite of mine due to the fresh smell and sweet taste. It doesn't hurt that the buzz sweeps over your head in the first hit, providing instant relaxation. After few more hits and some time for the high to develop and you get the near couch locking qualities of a good strong indica. The difference for Skunk #1, is that the buzz also has a slight upbeat cerebral side to it. So while you feel relaxed, sedated, and relieved of pain, you are upbeat and awake — as opposed to snoozing. This is what makes Skunk #1 a favorite for a "daytime indica."









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