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OGftw's Indoor Dogwalker & Blood Diamond OG Journal, 2018


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Cultivar: blood diamond OG dogwalker OG
Hybrid mostly indica, from clone
Veg, 4 weeks ( started October 7, 2018)
Soil for mothers, hydro for veg/flower

Mother plants are in soil king big roots soil amended with neem meal, kelp meal, crab meal and azomite. Cover cropped with clover.
5 gallon smart pots

Veg/flower hydro setup are modified gh waterfarms. Lightproofed, additional drainage and airstones

Mother room light is 250 watt fluorescent, veg/flower light is 600 watt hps in an air cooled hood.

Average temp in mother tent 79° f, veg/flower tent 76°f
Humidity is 30% on average
Res ph fluctuates
No pests or mildew, a bout of pythium suspected in hydro
Mothers are watered every 3 days, hydro schedule is 30 mins on 90 mins off while lights on, water changes weekly with RO

Mothers are single input, only get water

Veg/flower get gh flora series 3 part, plus calimagic and armor si at 550 ppm

My mother tent:


Veg/flower tent:



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Hi and welcome to the best place to be
Your girls look a bit on the droopy side in the veg picture. All well in there?

Thanks for the welcome.

I have been fighting a pythium outbreak and assumed the droop was due to the stress of recovery. Growth is good but not great. I've kinda been wondering if perhaps they are having issues with transpiration due to my low average humidity. The only other thing I can think would cause it is ovetwatering, but that makes little sense to me, considering the roots are already in the res.



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Maybe you got something with the roots...
I recently read a post about give a flush of 3% peroxide, and in your case it will do all good.
I will call in a friend of mine to veryfy...


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I'm not a hydro person but I've used H2O2 for root rot in soil. In water H2O2 should work (I'd check the Internet for dilution numbers), but I'm pretty sure most DWC growers here use z7 or a similar product to keep their roots healthy. Good luck with the grow!


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Hello all,

This week has been chilly and very smoky outside. The butte fire has the whole valley socked in with smoke.

The veg tent has averaged 70's and low humidity with just 16%. The mother room was a bit warmer, 75 average.

My pythium problem is nearly beat. Both blood diamond og's show vigorous growth, filling the res with bright white roots. The dog walkers show they've beat the pythium, but the root recovery isnt as pronounced.

My res data is as follows, these are the numbers from the end of week 4. They started the week at 5.76, ppm 350

DW1: ph of 6.67, ppm 90
DW2: ph of 5.17, ppm 137
BD1: ph of 4.69, ppm 98
BD2: ph of 4.75, ppm 98

I did a res change with ro as ususl. I added the following to 2 gallons of ro, dhooting for 350 ppm

Calimagic: 2 ml
Floragrow: 7 ml
Florabloom: 1 ml
Floramicro: 5 ml
H202: 20 ml

Res numbers are:

DW1: ph of 5.82, ppm 345
DW2: ph of 5.87, ppm 350
BD1: ph of 5.79, ppm 346
BD2: ph of 5.85, ppm 340

Overall growth was good, although I am seeing some twisty growth as well as an overall droop to the plants.

Photos in the next post



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First pic is the garden overall:

Feedback is welcome


Here is dog walker 1

Dog walker 2



Blood diamond 1



Blood Diamond 2




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