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OGUANA KUSH (Ogers Kush X Herijuana)

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Thought you guys might be interested in this strain. The OG is a very scarce genetic, even more so when crossed with the Herijuana. I would like to hear from anyone who has experience growing the OG. I do know that this comes very highly recommended by Rob, and sells for $85 1/8th in dispensaries.

OGUANA KUSH (*Now THIS one is SPECIAL as the HERIJUANA used to cross the OGER'S KUSH with was WOODHORSE SEED's Heri!)
OG kush x Herijuana
Flowering time:
8-9 weeks
We used a femmed OG kush and a male Herijuana. OG kush is a clone only strain originating from crossing ChemDawg to a Lemon thai/Paki kush. The OG kush has a sativa dom stone with an astingent lemon flavor that turns more earthy when grown organic.
The Herijuana male originated from Woodhorse seeds. This male is the results of 3 generations of being line bred by us. Herijuana is second to none in the body stone department, top rated meds from the Woodhorse breeders.
The resulting cross is best grown Scrog style to utilize the many branches. A very easy cloner as tests have shown 5-6 days for roots to show. Oguana posesses a balanced stone with an earthy/hashy flavor.
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