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Oh canada


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South of Ontario?

Michigan? New York?

How about a city.


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michigan, but almost willing to drive any where.

All I can comment on is Toronto. I visit friends and family there now and then. Before last trip contacted Toronto MCD's and tried to get authorization for a visit. I am a California medical cannabis Prop 215 patient with MS.. so very legit with plenty of documentation. Ontario said no.

I had better luck in Vancouver B.C. They allow me to get medication. That's all I can tell you.

For California recommendations just search this site. Plenty o' posts on that matter.

Your own backyard.. March, 2007.. the latest of five MI cities, Flint, MI voters overwhelmingly decided in favor of a municipal initiative shielding medicinal cannabis patients from local prosecution. That's the best it gets and better than most. G:3: :peace:d luck!

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