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OH:Council - Allowing Marijuana In Any Form Would Not Be In Fairfield's Best Interest

Ron Strider

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Fairfield City Council has recently unanimously voted to ban all aspects of Ohio's medical marijuana legislation, except for testing (the legislation does not allow us to ban this aspect). In concert with our Prevention Coalition, we felt it would be an inconsistent message to our youth and the general public to preach avoidance of the drug and then allow it into the city in any form.

Within the last year, our city has established the Fairfield Opiate Task Force. Southwest Ohio, in general, and Butler County, in particular, have been a hotbed of drug proliferation, and the Butler County coroner has stated the opioid epidemic here is running "rampant." This task force will raise community awareness to the threat opiate abuse poses to our citizens. Again, in keeping with the consistent message of drug avoidance, we recognize that allowing marijuana in any form would not be in the city's best interests.

If the legislation should change in the future, we would not be opposed to revisiting the subject for further review. We are aware that the current legislation is under constant change and may appear different in its final form when all the details are worked out. But for now, we are confident with our decision, as it is, going forward.

Fairfield has always been regarded as a very desirable place to live, work and play. The federal government still identifies marijuana as an illegal drug, and we city officials take our responsibility seriously to protect and serve our citizens to the best of our ability. To allow dispensaries in our city could have higher costs for safety associated with it, as well as the possibilities of illegal, or unlicensed, points of sale. We have heard stories about these problems in other states that have similar legislation in place and currently have brick-and-mortar storefronts.

For all the aforementioned points, we hope all jurisdictions that we share common ideas with will continue to support and work to limit the spread and use of all harmful drugs. This battle can only be won if all concerned take every opportunity to inform everyone they can about the terrible effects and results of drug abuse.

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Full Article: Allowing marijuana in any form would not be in Fairfield's best interest
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