OH: Group To Announce 'Free Market' Recreational Marijuana Ballot Measure

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Recreational marijuana will get another big push starting today.

One of the men behind the failed ballot issue from two years ago has come up with a new campaign.

Jimmy Gould, co-founder of Responsible Ohio, at a morning press conference will announce a new ballot issue to change Ohio's constitution and allow recreational marijuana in the state.

Gould and a group of wealthy investors pushed hard for this back in 2015. Issue 3 failed overwhelmingly by a 2 to 1 margin.

At the time, polls showed that half of likely voters were in favor of legalizing recreational use in Ohio, but they didn't like the monopoly that its biggest supporters were trying to create.

With the death of that initiative went Responsible Ohio, and Gould has formed a new organization called Green Light Acquisitions, which is focused on helping investors get into the legalized medical market and to position them for future expansion if it comes.

Gould's announcement is scheduled for 11 a.m. in Columbus. This new group he's part of calls it the Ohio Free Market Adult Consumption Constitutional Amendment.

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