Oh Happy Days!

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Finally, harvest time!

Yesterday I harvested my first "real" grow. I say "real" because this is the first time I've ever managed to wait 8 weeks, and not pick at it till there's nothing left.... I'm a medical user who's on disability, and can't afford to purchase my 4g per day required, but this time we decided no matter what, I had to buy enough to get by, and we did it, I didn't pick anything before the 8 weeks was up.

I harvested CB Dream, not sure the weight yet, but it should be enough :)
I have 1 Green Crack that will be ready in 2 weeks, and have staggered things so I should be harvesting every 2 weeks.

It's been a while since I've been rewarded with finger hash, boy was it good!
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It already smells awesome, lol... I've got about an oz of small buds left over that I've left out to dry, that will do me till the rest dries, but then it's a race, cure or smoke... I can handle not getting a full cure, once I build up some more harvests, I'll smoke nothing but the best, but for now, I'll take whatever is free :)


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I know the feeling. I still have 6 ounces of cured bud left from my last grow so in pretty good shape until my next harvest.
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The air here is so dry, I've just trimmed all the buds off the stems and put em in mason jars... 2 x 60g and 1 x 30g for a total of 150g plus about 35g from the initial small flowers etc I dried quickly after harvest...

In about a week, I'll be chopping down my one Green Crack, looks like about an oz there... then 2 weeks after that, three more CB Dream plants to come down...

I think I'm on the road to success here...
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I've been using Methyl Hydrate for years to make oil, always on a very small scale. I soak the trim, filter multiple times using coffee filters, then evaporate from a plate using a hairdryer. Quite happy with the oil...

Recently I've had a bit more trim, so started using a rice cooker to evaporate the MH. I think that the rice cooker is burning the oil or something, because it turned hard as a rock, and crumbles... like charcoal :(

So, I bought some 99.9% ISOPROPYL, dissolved the crumbly crap by shaking it in a mason jar, then refiltering multiple times, and evaporate using the hairdryer again. I was worried it was ruined, but by some miracle, it turned out pretty good.

Gonna throw out the rice cooker, and quit using Methyl Hydrate. I was using it because it was cheaper, and its getting harder to find 99.9% Isopropyl.

Lessons learned....

Oh, also learned another thing, you can "rejuvenate" boveda packs... I was getting them with my orders from Aurora, and once they go crusty, I threw them away. All you have to do is wet a paper towel, wring it out so its just damp, wrap the pack in it and put it in a plastic bag till it's all watery again!
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Keep the rice cooker and make your QWISO/RSO in that! Not sure where you are but 99% ISO is available at Costco, four 500ml bottles for $9.99. We just bought 16 liters, lol!
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I've been wondering maybe its the "teflon" coating in the pot that caused the charcoal like slag...
I sure like the ide4a of not holding a hairdryer over a plate for hours :) I thought about scouring out the finish, but then worried maybe the bare aluminum might cause a problem... maybe I should just use a slow cooker with a ceramic pot :)


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So many different ways it can be done. Pyrex in a double boiler, rice cooker, closed loop, ExtractCraft!

Just made enough to fill a 250ml mason jar half full of great oil with a rice cooker and a spatula and just remove it while its warm, kinda sticky but YUM!
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I must have done something that ruined the oil, because all the brownies did was raise my blood sugar :) Normally the brownies turn out great, they are perfect for night time, long lasting....

Next time!
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Wow... that's disappointing. Do you think you ruined it or may be strain dependent?
I think it was either the Brita filter (first time Ive used it for this) or the rice cooker (either burned it, or the teflon coating) as the oil turned out hard and crumbly, like charcoal... I rewashed it with ISO and dried it with a hairdryer, it looked good...