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oh the smell


I'm 2 1/2 weeks into veg and smell from my plants could knock you out when entering the grow room.
The closet is only 6x2x6 ft(LWH) and I know I have too many plants (90% of the seed germinated for 28 plants).
The grow room is in 24x24 ft with the closet at one end. I'm going to make a DIY carbon filter using the replacement activated carbon filters at Home Depot.
How many should I make?

Note: my wife thought a skunk had gotten into the basement :)


Update, I made 2x DIY filters about 18" long using 5" ducting and the activated carbon replacement filters made by Honeywell (available at home depot). Actually all parts were purchased at HD except the fans I used and they were old Prolient server 130mm 2.7a @ 12VDC.
I ran the fans in series off an old laptop brick power supply 12VDC @ 3.7a. I ran them in series as the noise generated at 12VDC was unbearable.
The difference they made are really noticeable however once in a while you will get a whiff of skunk. Since I live in a rural area I can blame any unwanted whiffs on a real skunk. :)
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