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Ohio MMJ bill


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Yes, it's real. We have one. However, it looks like politicians and the media want to shoot it down before it takes off with the people: Lawmaker: No Momentum For Medical Marijuana Bill

I don't need to tell you why this bill needs to be passed: if you're on here, you already know why. However, this thing will be shot down if we don't do something. Ohio isn't exactly the best known for progressive politicians. This means that we have to bother them until they give in and do the right thing.

Email your representatives. It's the very first thing I did when I found out about it. A representative loves to hear from private citizens, even if they disagree with their personal opinion. By emailing your politicians, they might start to think about the subject rather than simply blow it off. Somebody might have the heart to do the right thing and actually vote in your favor!

Make your letters neat, concise, and to the point: think like a formal business letter. Explain who you are and why they should be voting the way you think. Try not to make it sound like you're a stereotypical lazy stoner: someone else should check for spelling, grammar, and tone.

You can find a list of your representatives (and their emails and addresses) here: List of Ohio State Representatives by County

Tell all of your friends to email, write, telephone, or whatever they can do to communicate with their politicians. Remember: they are supposed to work for us.

:cheer: We can do it, we just need to make a motivated, coordinated effort. :cheer:
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