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Ohio To Issue Grow Licenses


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Ohio will license 12 large growers and six smaller cultivators for its new medical marijuana industry and require them to be ready to grow marijuana within nine months of getting their initial licenses, according to cultivator rules unveiled Tuesday.

Licensed cultivators will be required to demonstrate they have adequate capital funding, quality assurance and security plans, and test their product through a qualified laboratory before packaging and distributing the drugs, the rules show.

License fees for the dozen Level 1 cultivators will be $180,000 each, plus a $20,000 application fee. The six Level 2 licensed cultivators will each pay an $18,000 license fee, plus a $2,000 application fee.

The proposed rules still need to go through layers of approvals, including a review by the Common Sense Initiative and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

In June, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed into law a measure that legalizes marijuana for use by patients with 21 conditions, such as cancer, traumatic brain injury or chronic pain. It allows medical marijuana edibles, oils, patches and vaporizing but not smoking or home growing. The law provides a regulatory framework but leaves details up to state agencies to hammer out. The law gives state regulators two years to get the entire program up and running.

Regulation will be handled by three state agencies:

¦The Ohio Department of Commerce will run a seed-to-sale program and oversee the licensed cultivators.

¦The State Medical Board of Ohio will certify doctors who are eligible for recommend marijuana for their patients.

¦ The Ohio Pharmacy Board will register patients and caregivers and oversee dispensaries, including deciding how many there should be statewide.

Ohio is among 25 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized medical marijuana. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have legalized pot for recreational use as well. Voters in five more states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — will decide Tuesday whether to legalize adult use of marijuana.


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Where did you get these figures? Doesn't surprise me but from what I've read cultivating guidelines come out in May.

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This is all bull shit it's a plant let it grow lets heal the world. Look at all the money and crap u have to have and go through. The government just wants money that's all they don't care if we r sick or not. They just want fat pockets. This plant has bin on earth since day one free to everyone now we must pay for it bull shit. I say let it grow let us heal. They give out perception drugs out like candy for cheap as fuck killing millions of people and alcohol is one of the biggest killers next to cigarettes but that's all fine for people. And y is that because government make ass load of money taxing and selling. Met marijuana is still illegal y. Because u can't make money off a free growing weed. U can't make money off healthy people. There all crooks and really don't care what's good and what's not that's my opinion

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I understand your frustration however by speaking up with well thought out facts and arguments it is possible that state laws can be amended or even dropped from the proposed bill by showing up at hearings and speaking. This was recently effectively done by veterans groups speaking out against the director of ODVS and the governor's proposed amendments. Just my two cents.


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I want to be able to cultivate my own medicine for me not for sale. So I guess that is still going to be illegal. Irritating to say the least, and the whole no smoking it we can vape it and eat it but combustion is not an approved method of using the medicine. I wish we could get it as recreational use like Colorado.
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