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Ohioans Won't Vote On Medical Marijuana This Year

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Supporters of a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana said Tuesday they will wait at least another year to try to put the issue on the ballot. The Ohio Rights Group collected more than 100,000 signatures for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Act – far from the more than 385,000 signatures of registered Ohio voters needed to qualify for the ballot.

"Although all of the achievements cited are unprecedented in our state, we are not at the point we would need to be at to put this issue before the people of Ohio in this election year," Ohio Rights Group President John Pardee said in a statement. Pardee said the group has engaged a bipartisan group of lawmakers "to craft and pass meaningful medical cannabis and industrial hemp bills that will serve to provide aid to our ailing citizens, and new economic opportunities for our farmers and businesses."

"The level of interest in the Statehouse has never been higher and we will continue our role as the voice of the many individuals and businesses that are counting on Ohio to soon join the 24 other states that have made this wise and compassionate transition," Pardee said. The signatures collected can be used to qualify for a future ballot.

The Ohio Cannabis Rights Act would legalize marijuana and hemp farming in Ohio. Adult Ohio residents diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition such as cancer or post-traumatic stress disorder would be allowed to consume marijuana. Minors would be eligible with written consent of a parent or guardian. A February poll found 87 percent of Ohio voters approve using marijuana for medicinal purposes. More than half of Ohio voters -- 55 percent -- said they had never tried marijuana. Rep. Bob Hagan, a Youngstown Democrat, introduced a bill last year to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. The bill has had only one committee hearing and lawmakers are not expected to take action on legislation until after Election Day.


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