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Oil, 3rd time


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OK for this round I'm going to ethanol wash 8.96 zips of Blue Dream and Cherry Pie, for a total of 39,695 mg of THC.

I can then produce:

2,646 15mg capsules



57 2oz 700mg body butters



13 2oz 3,000mg dropper jars (for sublingual or food additive, 2.5mg/drop)



221 180mg topical oil drip jars


I'll do a combo, not sure exactly what yet... first thing's first, wash!

Since all my scenarios involve ingestion or topical, no need to freeze the flower or do quick washes. Here is the solution after two washes, ready to reclaim the ethanol in my desktop alcohol distiller. I'll have 4 of these. Quick frozen washes are golden yellow, these are green.


Stay tuned and I'll post details about each product as I make them, enjoy!



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I reclaimed most of the ethanol today using the distiller...


That left me with 850ml of liquid, which is now in a beaker and stirring on a hot plate at 74c/165F.


This will take a number of hours until it reduces. I want it just thick enough to pull into syringes for safe keeping until I start making products. For edibles and topicals I'm OK with some ethanol left behind. Interesting color, like a brownish/red.

All work done outside SAFELY!

I wonder if I should use a double boiler on this hot plate... if the beaker breaks it's all lost.

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Ha! I got one of those bad boys too for my nutrients. Not as good as that one with the temp controller and I think I'm gonna swap in a bigger motor but if I dont put too much dry nutrient then it mixes it well.

I'm looking at doing some drip jars with almond oil infusion, do you think it would easier/better to do the Etoh wash or just infuse straight into the oil? Also it's hard for me to get Etoh in California easily, how would Iso do?

Also do you decarb the oil at all?
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drip jars with almond oil infusion

That'll work! I'll be using pumpkin and grape seed oils.

easier/better to do the <ethanol> wash or just infuse straight into the oil?

I think it's just personal preference. I'll probably try infusion next grow, whenever that is. I dug up some exact recipes from Om Edibles, a company in California (they did a collaboration with Whoopi Goldberg), and they decarb ground flower at 245F for 25 minutes in an oven, then infuse in oil at 150F for 60 minutes.

how would Iso do?

no idea

do you decarb the oil at all

My first oil experience I did ethanol wash, evaporated it, mixed in coconut oil and then decarbed on a hot griddle, 240f for 40 min until is stopped bubbling... worked great!

My second oil experience I decarbed the flower first in mason jars in an instapot on high (239-244F) for 40 minutes, sitting in a cup of water, then did ethanol wash, evaporated it, mixed in ingredients and made capsules, body butter and roll-on oil... again it worked great!

For this third time I did the ethanol wash, evaporating it now. I don't trust this beaker at 240F, so maybe I'll use a small pyrex and heat it up on the hot plate/mixer... I trust this will... WORK GREAT! lol

However you do it, here are all the opinions from 10 or so sources I used to make my decision of 240 for 40, plus a chart summarizing 4 decarb studies.

Decarb opinions...
245/25 (Om Edibles)
230/30 (Science paper)
IP (239-244 on high)
30 min
CBD 50% more
150/60 (Om Edibles)

decarb graph.jpg


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First I ran the oil through the buchner filter (10-15 microns), attached to a vacuum pump, which removed unwanted plant material. It took about 2 minutes.


For purging out the ethanol I got a perfect size pyrex dish for the heat plate... thick and should be safe. I'll ramp it up close to ethanol boiling point of 173f (78c), then when ethanol is gone take it up to decarb temp of 240f (115c) for 30-45 minutes or until all bubbling stops whichever happens first.




If the temp is 240 and no more bubbles, it's done. I put the oil in nine 3ml syringes and scraped up the excess with a razor blade and exacto knife. I used some ethanol to keep things from getting too messy/sticky.


I got 38.83 grams oil from 251g of flower, or a 15.47% yield, very happy with that!
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Today I mixed up some goodies and filled two dropper bottles...


Two bottles = 120ml needed. Syringes are 3ml and 3,066mg THC each.

108ml olive oil
6ml of cannabis oil
6ml of lecithin

I heated up the olive oil on the hot plate, put the syringes in to heat up, then emptied the syringes in with lecithin and let it mix for 30 minutes. I filled the bottles and put them in the fridge.

At 2.5mg THC per drop, this will be easy and perfect to add to any food, put on crackers, or directly in the mouth for sublingual... YAY! :)


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Today I started making 25 2oz bottles of body butter, 700mg THC each jar. These are a BIG hit! People telling me muscle and joint pain is going away they've had for years, skin conditions improve, I rub some on before bed most nights, one person even reports aphrodisiac qualities, wow! :)


24% (355ml) Shea butter, 24% (355ml) Cocoa butter, 24% (355ml) Coconut oil, 24% (355ml) Almond oil, 4% (60ml) Lecithin, 20 gram of cannabis oil (~18-20,000 mg THC).
Mix all together on low heat, let cool to room temp then put in fridge.

Here is the container ready to put into fridge.


When it stiffens up then whip, add Peppermint, Lavendar and Menthol for aroma, then put in gallon plastic bags with a corner cut out, then squeeze and fill containers. This mix stays firm in the jars for many months... the last batch is going on 3 months at room temp and still perfect.
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Few lessons learned when making 20+ butter jars... it needs to be cooled in smaller quantities because the outer hardens much quicker than the inner. Maybe do trays next time. Also, a wand type mixer doesn't cut it with this high quantity. I had to whip it in smaller increments. A larger, counter top food mixer/processor would be ideal.



I put it back in the fridge for a few hours and now it's sitting at room temp with a saran wrap cover, will fill the jars in the next day or so :)
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