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Oil, e-liquid, wax and all the different lingos


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Newbie questions here: I'm trying to understand some lingo.
I have a V2 Series 7 vaporizer that works for e-liquid, wax and dry herbs. I have only used it for dry herbs. Don't know anything about wax and e-liquids or oils.

One of the last purchases I made was for a "cartridge" of THC "oil" that I drop in a small unit I bought (don't know the correct name or how it works honestly but I saw the word atomizer when I was searching for a manual -- never found the manual). The brand name is Conseal. Is this THC "oil" just "vaping" "e-liquid"? Or am I confusing them? What are the proper names for all these things? and the differences or oil, e-liquid, wax, etc.

Also, what HOMEMADE liquids can I use for "e-liquid" for my V2 Series 7 Vaporizer. I want to make what the meds/edibles that I use if possible.
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