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Oil extraction. Where did I go wrong?


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I just attempted a THC extraction using information I found on You Tube by a seemingly knowledgeable man named Chef Derek Butt. The oil produced is useless and has no psychotropic effects.

I began with an ounce of buds. Potency such that a regular sized bowlful in a standard sized brass chamber pipe leaves me nicely baked. This was coarsely ground, then put in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes to de carboxylate. Full ounce then wrapped in cheesecloth and put in freezer for 1 hour. 2 cups Coconut oil melted and brought to about 190 degrees in a crock pot. Cheesecloth bag then emerged into the oil in the crock pot, stirring frequently for four hours. Temperature kept between 190'- 210.

All oil squeezed from cheesecloth 'bag' into remaining (now deep green) cooked oil. Yielded roughly 1.5 cups of unfused oil. Everything allowed to cool.

Tried directly injesting the oil in varying amounts. Absolutely no affects after hours of waiting.

DID MORE RESEARCH which suggested the crockpot method was bullshit and that the oils needed to be at a much higher temperature to activate the THC.


Took another half ounce of the original buds, ground, then decarboxylated, this time at 300 degrees for 30 minutes. The previously infused oil was melted and an additional cup of coconut oil was added. The new half ounce was added directly to the hot oil. The cheesecloth bag was undone and all the original plant material was also added to the heated oil. A cup of water was added, and the mixture was brought to a boil, then immediately brought to the lowest possible simmer point on my stove. A small bit of water was added after 2 hours of simmering. Total simmer time 4 hours. 1 hour cooling time. Mixture then strained out using cheesecloth and leaving all plant material behind.

The mixture was poured into Tupperware, then put into the refrigerator for 5 hours. The mixture separated, hardened infused coconut oil on top, water below. The water was drained and the solid coconut oil was cut up and jar stored.

Made brownies which called for 1/3 cup oil. Melted and used a full cup for higher potency. Baked for 35 minutes at 325 degrees.

Again, have eaten various quantities, starting small. No reaction at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. A frustrating AND expensive failure.

Today, I again ate two full brownies with a small glass of milk on an empty stomach. Again, nothing...

What did I do wrong? Anybody who has done this successfully, please tell me. Seems there are dozens of opinions on the best way to extract. I expected that to potentially impact potency. But NO potency at all? No reaction at all?

Please give me some reasonable explanation for why this was such a total failure.


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Hey there. When you infuse your oil or butter there is no need to decarb. Simmering it on low will fully activate all cannabinoids. When I make butter I usually will simmer for 2-4 hours but my friend does it for 24-40 with big batches though. Also watch your heat! Never boil I stay at like 160-200. If your edibles don't come out strong maybe look at your starting material? If not that then maybe your tolerance is a bit higher! I use about 2oz of Shake per pound of butter/oil! Hope this help!
Happy growing!

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I've done it plenty of times with very high yields, your first decarb was too cold and your 2nd was probably too hot.

Use the decarb graph, its accurate; 250*F for 27 minutes. Be accurate, don't do "abouts" and "guestimates", the whole point is reproducibility and most people just wanna get it over with and don't follow a scientific method.


Just a few comments, decarbing your oil when its done instead of your product is more accurate. Always winterize your oil, your extraction yield will suffer but you will get a more purified product. I only use coconut oil if I wish to thin it out. the pure oil can be taken orally and even smoked but will get most of the medicinal effects taking it orally.

After all these are the MEDICAL MARIJUANA forums.

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Furthermore, I don't think the oil you produced is useless; there's simply nothing wrong with so you don't feel a thing. If you were in pain the small quantities of CBD would be helping with that pain and remove involuntary muscle spasms and epileptic attacks , THC an THCa would be helping with nausea control and appetite and would also work on tumor reduction.

A lot of people measure the "strength" of their medicine by how wasted they get and there's many cannabinoids that just work behind the scenes.

If you decarb just right but then make brownies you will be applying further heat and over decarbing and turning your THCa and THC into CBN.


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"A lot of people measure the "strength" of their medicine by how wasted they get and there's many cannabinoids that just work behind the scenes."

So even though we can reach a 'tolerance' for the THC so there are no more psychoactive effects in our bodies, that doesn't necessarily mean that we could also have reached a 'tolerance' for CBD's so there are no more medicinal effects? And how would we know other than how we feel, which might not vary much from day to day?
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