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Oil or Marijuana in Alaska?


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Considering trying smoking or vapor for migraines following brain tumor surgery. Never been a pot smoker but no medications are working. How do I order vapor or smoke to try? I live in Alaska?


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Re: How do I order oil or marijuana in Alaska?

Shipping is probably completely out of the question, as Cannabis is still illegal on the Federal level.

According to your state laws it appears that you can grow 24 or less plants in your own home legally, You can legally possess under 4oz in your residence as well. (Keep in mind I am NOT a lawyer, nor should this be considered legal counsel)

However, under these laws, hash and concentrates are not legal, oil would be considered a concentrate. Possession of 3g or less is a misdemeanor, with 0-1 year jail time, and up to a $10,000 fine.

They've also made it illegal to sell/deliver Cannabis.

So legally, you'll need to grow your own Cannabis at this time, and cannot make any oil. However..........

It's still illegal on the Federal level, no matter what the state says. So personally? I say fuck it. If you have a good friend that you know can get you some now to try, I'd go for it if I was in your position. I've read enough on the forums here to know that my chances to feel relief from pain are quite good, and to me, living a pain free life means living a happier life.

Alaska Cannabis law info: Alaska Laws & Penalties (Admins hopefully a link from NORML is allowed, if not, I apologize in advance!)
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