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Oil to smoke


im using buds and 99% iso. winterize both in the freezer 24 hrs. strain twice through coffee filters. cook it off on pyrex pie plate and electric frying pan. what temps does everyone use to finish cooking iso off and does it make any difference to quality if no heat is used but instead a fan blowing over plate till its done. im smoking this oil to get high....not for meds. all techniques are welcome. what do you all do?


so what is max temp/time to heat to purge all the iso out of solution without degrading thc content?
I’d be interested in this answer if it comes up.
I’m at the same stage in my research. I don’t have a pressure vacuum or a distiller. I’m looking to put a final product in a vape cartridge. Any suggestions to achieve this would be great.


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Low heat to have solution bubbling when u are down to a small amount
if u have a lot of solution just on low heat as vapors coming off then what is said above
It is finished when the oil and isopropyl no longer bubbles
Pull it out of pan with a syringe but let it cool a little bit so u don't melt your syringe tip on the bowl or pan u r using
Good luck !
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