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You may know all about cannabutter, tincture, and even elixir but how about oil? We're talking now about oil extracts from whole cannabis (bud, trim, and leaf) that are wonderful in baking, sauces, and marinades.

Most folks think of hash oil when the term oil is mentioned. That is the subject of another entirely different preparation that this author still thinks is problematic.

Just as Cannabinoids go into solution in dairy fat (cannabutter and "mothers milk"), they also go into solution into a variety of oils, most particularly olive oil and canola. These oils are healthy all by themselves. Olive oil is a mono saturated fat while canola is largely unsaturated. Olive oil will give any dish a "flower" like aroma and taste while canola is largely tasteless. I prefer olive oil in stews, sauces, and marinades while canola works best for any baking recipe that calls for oil. Look soon for "Zoot Suit Zucchini Bread" using Canny Canola. Both oils make for a great spread substitute for butter. Ever tried "Canny Toast"? Just dip a small brush into the cannaoil, "paint" your bread and pop into the toaster!

The principles of making "cannaoil" are the same as with making cannabutter. Low and slow is the key. I use a crock pot set on low. I would not try to make oil on the stove since the temperatures get too high and the risk of ruining the Cannabinoids is too great.


500 ml of extra virgin olive oil or canola

100-300 grams of chopped bud trim or 300-600 grams of chopped leaf depending upon the potency and availability of the cannabis.

Using more cannabis can produce stronger oil. The oil will both taste more "canny" and be more potent.

10-20 grams fresh chopped basil and/or thyme (optional for stews and marinades). Be creative. Depending upon the intended use of the oil you can customize your oil. Personally, I love to add dried New Mexico Red Chili flakes.


Heat the oil in a crock pot set on low. Once the oil is mildly hot add the cannabis (and other herbs like basil or thyme) with frequent stirring. Keep the lid covered and continue to stir with a wood spoon every 15 minutes for the next 4-6 hours.

Strain the oil through two layers of cheese cloth into your container squeezing the oil through the cloth. Repeat one or two more times to make sure most if not all of the plant material is gone.

Store the cannaoil in an airtight glass oil jar with a cork stopper or screw top. Keep out of sunlight. Use just as you'd use regular oil. Enjoy!
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