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Ok there doesnt seem to be a thread for coco


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So here i go as i water by hand in 7 litre hempy buckets filled with Canna coco pro+ and feed with Vitalink grow,bloom and buddy thats it nothing else ive tried all the miracle massive bud boosters over the 13/14 years ive been growing constantly and tbh i dont think they work espicially v's the cash outlay so im a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. method to which i have adhered to for the past 3 years and seen my best results.:adore:
So my room is 7.5ft w x 6.5ft h sloping roof x 3.5ft d and is lit with 2 x 600w hps lumatek digital ballasts rigged to 2 x 1m diameter parabolic shaded vertically hung bulbed reflectors with the air supply taken care of via a rvk 150mm L1 pulling stale air from the room through a Rhino 150mm X 600mm L1 carbon filter and the fresh air via 1 x 150mm passive air intake with a open/shut flap.
The room keeps a constant temp of around 70-72f with rh around the 30-40% mark alas its been all over the place recently due to the severe rains were experiencing here in the U.K. so rh last night lights off was a whopping 68% which is the main reason i am chopping 3 of my plants in the next day or so rather than risk mold.
Btw i dont have any heating in my rooms when im fast asleep more peace of mind than a possible fire.
The plants are on day 52 of 56-60 so alls not lost and the strains are 2 x jack herer and 1 x lemon chronic.
The remaining plants at the same 12/12 of flower are 3 x barneys blue cheese which are fattening up rapidly and i took 1 x barneys blue cheese down at day 39 as the trics were all cloudy and the stone did the trick but wasnt up to much so on with the show.
I have 2 x ak47's, 1 x lemon chronic and 1 x jack herer @ 3 weeks into flower and 78 plants waiting to take the place of the ones getting chopped in the next day and couple of weeks time.
Hope you enjoy the pics and ill take some out of the flower room so you can see the real colours of the plants on friday.

How do i add photos.:thanks:
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