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OK to trim roots?


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I am running an aeroponic system where the roots are watered directly from underneath...This has been going really well but now the roots are reaching the reservoir and part of them are submerged...I think plants are showing very slight signs of over watering. Is it OK to trim the roots to keep them out of the water or will this cause the plants to go into shock or stop creating new growth and just keep building roots... The roots are pretty thick at the top (about pen width) and thin at the bottom and each plant is sprouting more and more..Im also starting to worry about the roots getting caught in my pump.

It seems like there should be plenty of root left to support the plant when Im done but im worried how cutting the roots will affect the plant

Note- this is 14 days into an expected 60 day cycle

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Sounds like ur speaking of root prunning. It can be done, but I suggest u do a little reading up on the topic before attempting to prune. Also ask some of the hydro guys. I think I saw OBXgardener prune /trim his roots a while back ( I may be mistaken). PitViper is also a knowledgable hydro guy that I'm familiar with. I see u said something about overwatering, I was unaware that a grower could overwater in hydro. I thought lack of oxygen in the water was a potential problem. Dunno, I'm just a simple soil guy. GL, :peace:


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I would avoid trimming the roots especially if your flowering. I would get a filter bag for the pump to keep the roots out of it, and get an air pump and air stone to put in the water under the roots to keep them oxygenated.
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