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Okay, I'm sure this has been idea before but....


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Has 420mag ever thought about using some of their donation money to try to fund a short commercial? I think it would be great if that was possible.


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sure, if we ever get donation money...lol

in the last 14 years, i think we have received a whopping total of maybe $420

nobody ever donates, they just utilize our services.

i do everything in my power to sell more ad space, but it is never enough.

we just about break even every year, never showing a profit.

this is why i am working so hard to promote my book, so that we will finally have a budget to do things like this.

thanks for your feedback and support.
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Your welcome. If i get to where i have some extra cash i will most def. send you guys some money. AND, if i ever hit the lottery, and become a rich bastard.... Well I would send you guys a lot of cash. Maybe write a check for a 10k or so. But, that's just me dreaming...


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I have tried to donate under the "green access" or something like that, but the link went to a site that no longer takes payments for you guys! I posted about it in another thread in this category... I would like to be able to send some money in but need an address or something. I would like to also volunteer my services somehow if I could or if it is needed...
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