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Oklahoma Evangelical Christians Among Supporters Of Medical Marijuana

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Sen. Connie Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, has written legislation attempting to change Oklahoma's marijuana laws, but the bills didn't get too far at the Capitol.

Johnson recently requested an interim study on "the status of policies in Oklahoma regarding marijuana use, possession and punishment."

That interim study request motivated Norma Sapp, the state director of Oklahoma NORML, to do some research. During our recent interview, Sapp told me that Oklahoma NORML, a legalization advocacy group, wanted to find out who would support various marijuana law changes.

To gather data, Oklahoma NORML used donations from supporters to pay Sooner Poll to ask Oklahoma residents about their feelings on marijuana.

Sooner Poll posted their findings this week:

According to latest SoonerPoll results, Oklahomans are ready to consider marijuana for medicinal purposes and decriminalization. The poll had support for medical marijuana at 71% and support for decriminalization at 57%. The poll did not ask about legalization.

When considering arrest for a marijuana offense, nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) said they should be treated instead of jailed. Under current Oklahoma law, possession of any amount can earn one up to a year in jail for a first offense and from two to 10 years for a second offense. Marijuana sales–of any amount–can earn a sentence of up to life in prison.

The state's largest cities were the most in support. In metro Oklahoma City and Tulsa, support for medical marijuana was higher than 75%, and support for decriminalization was at 67% in Tulsa and at 63% in Oklahoma City.

Here are the specific questions that Sooner Poll asked, and the results from each question:

Question: Fifteen states in America have decriminalized the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for adult possession, meaning they would receive a fine rather than be criminally prosecuted and face possible incarceration. Do you support or oppose Oklahoma joining these other fifteen states?

Strongly support: 139 people polled, 34.5 percent
Somewhat support: 91 people, 12.6 percent
Neutral/no opinion/don't know/refused: 17 people, 4.1 percent
Somewhat oppose: 34 people; 8.4 percent
Strongly oppose: 122 people, 30.3 percent

Question: Should Oklahoma treat marijuana use as a public health concern, meaning send them to treatment, instead of making it a criminal justice matter?

Treatment: 257 people, 63.7 percent
Criminal justice matter: 111 people, 27.4 percent
Don't know/refused: 36 people, 8.8 percent

Question: Twenty states now have laws allowing seriously ill patients to possess marijuana for medical purposes with a physician's recommendation. Do you support or oppose Oklahoma joining these other twenty states?

Strongly support: 191 people, 47.4 percent
Somewhat support: 96 people; 23.8 percent
Neutral/no opinion/don't know/refused: 11 people, 2.7 percent
Somewhat oppose: 31 people; 7.8 percent
Strongly oppose: 74 people, 18.3 percent

Question: Do you think laws regarding whether the use of marijuana is legal or not should be determined by the federal government, or left to each individual state government to decide?

Determined by the federal government: 68 people, 16.8 percent

Determined by the state government: 329 people, 81.6 percent

Don't know/refused: Six people, 1.6 percent

Sooner Poll also collected information about the people they polled, including age, church attendance and political party.

For example, about 34 percent of residents who were polled who identify as "evangelical Christians" said they "strongly support" allowing seriously ill patients to use marijuana for "medical purposes with a physician's recommendation." Another 26 percent of evangelical Christians said they "somewhat support" the notion. When you combine that, 60 percent of evangelical Christians in Oklahoma polled are saying they support some version of legal medical marijuana use for people who are really sick.

Also, the majority of every age category polled supported treating marijuana as a "public health concern," meaning sending people to treatment, rather than sending them to jail or prison. Support for treatment ranged from 61 percent of people 65 and older to about 71 percent of people 35 to 44.

However, not every age category agreed on decriminalization. About 49 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds were supportive of decriminalization the possession of up to one ounce, as were about 49 percent of 55- to 64-year-olds. And about 48 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds said they would support decriminalizing that amount. But there were dips in support from the 35-44 age group (36.3 percent), 45-54 age group (32.9 percent) and residents 65 and older (24.2 percent).


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Wow... when a conservative state like OK turns... we know it is a short road to legalization.

We ARE slowly winning this battle... I am glad.


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we should be careful what we wish for, whiskey is legal just try to make your own ("reality t.v." aside) the feds will be on you faster than stink on fertilizer.it will be controlled by big business and those with very deep pockets and political ties will be the only winners.
Remember when you wished the government would listen to the people? you really did not mean 24-7-365 did you.


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I have a long history with MJ... I started before Reagan and his new (as distinct from Nixons original) War on Drugs. Before this - you were as likely to get a slap on the wrist for MJ in this area. Once they militarized the police and started treating "druggies" like they were mass murderers... it went downhill fast. What the goverment is doing at this point in time is embarrassing. I have watched as children of friends lives have been destroyed by our awesome parole system once they get caught with a stupid joint.

So I can understand your frustration mk...

But I would take your scenario over putting all of our brothers and sisters in jail for nothing. And when was the last time that a SWAT team was called in to break down the front doors of a bootleggers house?


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we should be careful what we wish for, whiskey is legal just try to make your own ("reality t.v." aside) the feds will be on you faster than stink on fertilizer.it will be controlled by big business and those with very deep pockets and political ties will be the only winners.
Remember when you wished the government would listen to the people? you really did not mean 24-7-365 did you.

It is legal to brew your own alcohol, but only so much. I have no idea what the amount now is, but I used to brew my own beer at home, in Oklahoma. Had an Indian friend pick up cases of it to sell, after hours, at some bars in OKC, lol! I would usually brew up from 5 to 20 gallons at a time. Brewed 50 gallons, my first attempt, using a recipe out of EasyRider magazine, lol. Had no idea what I was doing, let it sit till there was mold on the top, tasted like vinegar but would definetly do the job. I couldn't drink it but all my Harly riding buds did, because it was free! Tasted like crap though, yuk! Got to be pretty good later, especially with the five gallon batches.


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I am an Okie and I wouldn't get my hopes up. I am Conservative and love my Cannabis, but with Republicans in charge, I doubt it will happen. I want pot legalized, but I also want Conservatives to be in charge, so much better for our economy, but they need to open their minds and not be so blind about the good uses of Cannabis! And Oklahoma pot laws are draconian, something you would find in an Islamic nation, where you are sentenced to Death for a joint! Insane! Legalize Gods Gift and save millions in medical bills! I am a 61 year old grandpa who has enjoyed cannabis since I was 17, turned on in the military. I still use it today, mostly for the aches and pains, instead of just getting high, which is also nice though! I also worked for the Feds, either in the Military or the Fed Government, in highly sensitive positions, raised a family of four daughters, now have ten grandkids, all within five minutes of me, and own homes in two different countries, all paid for thru hard work! Cannabis is not just for Hippies any longer!
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