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Oklahoma Is Closer to Legalizing Cannabis Than You Might Think!


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My relationship with Cannabis began before I started driving. For me, it was an act of defiance, of acting out against the norm. I was a punk kid. It was not until I was in college that I realized there were medicinal benefits. My pot-smoking mindset shifted that day. I have a slew of reasons to smoke medicinal weed now. No need to go into that, though.

No, Marijuana is not legal in Oklahoma. I hear all of the time, "Oklahoma will be the last state to legalize it!". Not true. Constance Johnson drafted legislation for its legalization years ago and it has been heard on the floor of congress. There are signatures for the end of Prohibition on petition after petition. I believe there are at least 3 branches of NORML in the state of Oklahoma. Our governor Mary Fallon passed an amendment to allow a handful of children with Drevet Syndrome to use Cannabis oil to treat uncontrollable seizures.

That alone shows that Oklahoma is closer than you think. We really are.


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Oregon voted on it before Washington and actually voted it down. Then when Washington passed it and the money started rolling in, Oregon was like, hey we want some of that money too. Trust me, states are to greedy to not want a piece of the pie.
The sad part is, it will take greed to accomplish what should have been done because it is the right thing to do.
Either way so long as all the states and the fed eventually get with the program I really don't care what it took to get them there so long as they get there.
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