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Hi everyone, where ever you are. I'm in Queensland, Australia. Cannabis is Illegal here so at this point in time I don't use. I'm 70 next birthday and I did smoke MJ for a while 50 years ago. No withdrawls when I stoped.

The main reason I have joined this group is to learn more about cannabis use for medical reasons. My wife has been going to skin cancer clinic for the last 10 years. She has done this horrible chemo cream that burns the skin off her face 4 times. After this last time I have resolved to try and do something about it.

Things are changing here very slowly and maybe one day it will be legal for me to try and help my wife. Untill then I will try and educate myself on growing, what to grow and how to administer. This is a great site and I have learned quite a lot just looking and reading forums.

Thanks very much Admin and other members.


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welcome to :420:
damn u have been smoking longer than i have been born .. i bet u have smoked some of the best that is never around anymore .

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Hello down under! Sorry to hear about your wife's experience. I make my own RSO (aka Rick Simpson Oil, aka Full Extraction Cannabis Oil) for skin cancers. Lots of good info here, but you can also go to Rick Simpson's site to read more about the oil. Phoenixtears.ca


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Absolutely, RSO is the way to go. There is a documentary you can find on YouTube called "Cannabis Rising" that shows time lapse of a man curing his skin cancer with that particular Cannabis Oil (among may other amazing medical treatments).

Taking chemo is no way to live. As long as you're able to safely get enough Cannabis to create your own oil, you will be doing the absolute greatest thing possible for your loved one. Taking Cannabis Raw is also a good way to help her heal.

You can do it, you both can!

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