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old dog(guy) trying to learn new tricks


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This is my first time growing since the late 70s-early 80s when I had an outdoor garden on a canyon hillside above my rental house. Had about 30 ladies each year in the 6-10' range. To say things have changed is huge understatement!
Anyway, I now have about 20 ladies in 30gal smart pots(same city different location) and am trying my best to learn all I can to keep them happy. To paraphrase an old saying "the more I learn the less I know". I'm looking forward to picking up whatever I can and if possible share some of my (limited) knowledge.

Medical grow in compliance with CA prop 215 and sb 420

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Hi Caster
:welcome: to the friendliest place around :Hookah:
lots of friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful people here, so sit back, relax, enjoy, and ask questions. We are all here to help

CocoJoe mentioned a great thread for outdoor growing,, and for additional reference there are these two threads...

How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!

Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

and if ya need a hand uploading pics

Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

See ya around the forums:) :peace: :Hookah: :goodluck:
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