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Old grower with some new tricks


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Decided to take the plunge from reading and enjoying this site, to maybe getting involved.
Been growing for about 5 years and during that time I have tried to digest all the growing tips from the net and separate the shite from the light.
Using cause and affect I've managed to find my own methods, with some pretty amazing results.
My caution with sharing goes with the territory, so I will post a vid of my last plant, in my current crop.
It's a Tangerine Dream @ 11 and a bit weeks going to chop in about 5 days hoping for 20 oz, just got 18 of each of my Tutankhamun's.
I know the net is full of muppets with huge claims on yield, hence the vid. I am happy to answer any questions and will probably post a grow journal detailing my production methods. :)
hope inserting the vid worked guys.


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Hi flipflop and welcome to the number one internet resource for promoting cannabis awareness to end its prohibition
:420: :welcome:

There are some restrictions on linking to outside images, I'm not sure on how videos fit into that picture but one of the mods will give you a heads up on that. That link you posted isn't working though.

Check out the New Member Start Links - it's kind of like a user guide for the site with lots of great tips.

We look forward to sharing your experience through your grow journal. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!



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I know the net is full of muppets with huge claims on yield, hence the vid.

Hi, flip, welcome to the forum.
My favorite claim was "eight pounds dried from one chola." Riiiiiiiiiight. :laugh:

Hey, if you're old enough come join us on the Over 50 Club board. Forums> Off-topic> Miscellaneous> Over 50.
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