Old Island Indica - Sweet Baby Jane


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This Journal will be Featuring 3 strains, Old Island Indica, Sweet Baby Jane, And Platinum Girl Scout Cookie

Old Island Indica - (Vashon Island, WA Exclusive)


Old Island Indica is as close to the Landrace strain as it can be without flowering in the mountains of Afghanistan where it was home. Brought to the island in the mid 1970s it is one of the longest surviving strains in our Northwest environment. A potent, couchy state is where it takes you, with a great relaxing body effect.


Sweet Baby Jane - (Vashon Island, WA Exclusive)


Sweet baby jane is the baby of Afgooey and Old Island Indica. It boasts a hefty 90-10 indica dominance that is relaxing and soothing. its earthy with a strong citrus smell.


Platinum Girl Scout Cookie - (Oil, Kush, Cookies Cut)


The Mysterious Girl Scout Cookies..;) well i can say i do have a "gsc" and i know 100% its not "gsc" so im well aware of the claims that go along with this. I have seen several real cookie grows in person as well as real sherbert grows. every true gsc i have seen are small yielding plants that tend to stretch more then normal indicas. they are oddly shaped flowers that are covered in resin, usually the fan leaves and stem to the fan leaves as well. they are solid as a rock, at first look they look like the runt of the litter. when you squeeze them you realize the big cola to its side might not be as heavy in weight as the gsc next to it. they have dark green almost a blackish purple color leaf that is just as a signature as the Tahoe og closely bundled fingers on fan leaves that look almost a darkish waxy. the pistils tend to look a bright orange next to the dark green/purple flower. it has easily became one of my favorite strains in my 14 strain garden.

PGSC is also refereed to as Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies.


My current Garden will be getting changed this next grow. i found out that my current room can carry 4800 watts without having to convert a base board heater into a 220 (may do this down the road) so the tent is coming down. i cant, (wont) try and control the temps of 3000 watts in a 6.5x6.5x6.5 room.

What Makes my Garden up :
1 6.5x6.5x6.5 lighthouse grow tent

1 VenTech 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM w/ Virgin Charcoal Carbon Filter Combo

1 Sun System Reflectors Magnum XXXL 6" Air-Cooled Reflector

1 Quantum 600 Watt Dimmable Electronic Ballast

1 Eye Hortilux 600W Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum Grow Light Bulbs

2 Vornado WHOLE ROOM CIRCULATION house fan

1 Mars 1600x5w LED

1 30 Pint - Dehumidifier - 4 Amps - 120 Volts - 420 Watts - Ideal-Air

2 Hydrofarm 6-Watt 15-LPM Active Aqua Air Pump with 4 Outlets

2 Lasko 16" Oscillating Stand Fan

1 Titan Controls Apollo 8 2-Outlet 24-Hour Analog Timer, 120-volt

1 Titan Controls 734150 Apollo 14 8-Outlet Power Strip with 24 Hour Timer, 120-volt

12 GeoPots (True to our Roots!!)

Fox Farms 'Happy Frog' Soil

House and Garden soil A and B

Aptus Plant-tech Premium Collection 250 Ml 7 Part Nutrient Kit - All 7 Bottles

The grow has gone as and plans to go as :

9/4/14 Planted seeds
1/21/15 Placed 11 in flower
1/23/15 added net in flower
1/27/15 moved Oii #6 in flower
1/28/15 added mars 1600
1/28/15 final trim
2/3/15 pistil formation

2/28/15 60 days oii #6 (taking 70-80 days)
3/25/15 60 days 11 plants (taking 67 days to stay on track of 4 harvest schedule)
3/8/15 start 4 week flush

It all started with soil, seeds, sun, and water ;)

Then the Sacred Grove was formed

Sneak Peak on Old Island Indica (gone from LED to HPS ; broke a branch in the move on day 33)
(pic taken 2/3/15)

Full garden pic

No flying pests is always nice. no sand this time as my source has been out for the winter.

(pic taken 2/9/15)

Up Close Shot


the one thing i really do love about HPS is being able to get them within inches without burning. I wish i would of had my xxl hood in there instead of the standard however. next grow ill fix it up.

Always Watching!

New babys on their way

A showing of how close i took em, the PGSC stretched further then i wanted even with tucking.

(pic taken 2/16/15)

(PGSC day 26)

(3 pic side by side)

(pic taken 2/19/15)
Old island indica

Sweet baby Jane

old island indica and sweet baby jane

(pic taken 2/20/15)

Sweet baby jane

(pic taken 2/21/15)
PGSC (see the stems and fan leaves)

Old island indica / Sweet baby jane


(pic taken 2/22/15)
The lot of them

Old island indica

(pic taken 2/23/15)



Quick update. under lighting!!


Had a good long dab session w a grower friend and he told me to check out some of his grows on a friend of his youtube so I did and seen thousands of watts in under kighting. So I found a good quick video that shows my future plans. Next grow will be more under lighting and no tent just for more room.

Just a quick video checking on the girls humidity. Dehumidifier was off for i don't know how long so I was worried. I like to stay below 37% humidity.


Edit : uploaded video from phone, just looked at it and not sure if quality is that horrible on a pc monitor. I will check when I return back home.
Old island indica : Day 44 of 70


Sweet Baby Jane : Day 44 of 70


Platinum Girl Scout Cookies : Day 44 of 70


Veg room Consisting of :
Old island indica
Sweet Baby Jane
Tagoe Og
Platinum Girl scout Cookies (one from cut ; one from seed) [Green lion Farms ; Urban Health)
"gsc" (is not a true gsc, unknown strain)
Sour tsunami
Grape Ape
New york City diesel
mendo purps

lil baby seeds :
candy kush
sour diesel

Seeds still to be dropped :

og frost
critical mass (Mr nice)
CBD Girl scout cookies (CBDCREW)
candy kush
and on the hunt for more (uk cheese would be nice)

The Veg tent.. space is about to be made. soon the majority will be going into flower room all but the chosen mothers.

The Seed Packs, some are missing from pics.
Sweet baby jane and old island indica in Vashon Seed Co Pouches with wax seal

Critical Mass (mr nice) i need to go get more of these

CBD Girl Scout Cookies (interested to see how these look) CBDCREW a nice addition to the cbd strains in my arsenal

Og frost (i keep wanting to call jack frost but thats a different strain)

i will be repairing a hood that was gifted to me and taking pics for any that may have this issue in the future. the wire was cut and their patch job was to splice the three wires outside the hood and tape it off with some wire nutes. i will cut a foot or so section out of the cord and rewire it to the hood. i may use this in the next flower depends on how it all goes. got a few hoods to play with that have been collecting dust. also have some leds that ive never used so next flower will be fun. dont think ive had a grow yet where i have said "its complete, there is no more changing" always changing something.

to get things started with this update, we have sweet baby jane

shes got the strongest sweetest smell i have ever smelt.

its a berry + tropical that creates a overwhelming mango/blueberry aroma.

a friend of mine grabbed a nug to smell and said "that is the kind of smell that when you smell it, you have to have it"
Flowers are not as dense as the platinum girl scout but one plant has solid rock flowers, this is the one in the picture.


Here we have Old island indica, i really wasnt sure about this the first 4 weeks as it was filling out like a indica and didnt have a strong aroma like that of sweet baby jane. however in the 5-6 weeks of this i have a few plants out of 6 that are rock solid colas and has a sharp + dairy smell creating a sweet almost cinnamon cream cheese smell. it has made it a tough choice between this or pgsc as my favorite strain in my arsenal now. Fiances fav and friend is sweet baby jane as of now.


Now it may be hard to see, but this paticular pgsc has got so heavy all but 2 branches have fallen over. not sure what im going to do with this as they are laying on the net so i arranged them so they wouldnt be laying on each other, may try and string them up but not tonight.


Now im going to just post a random set of platinum girl scout cookies that i took recently. shes became my fav, just wish she yielded like the sweet baby jane and old island indica. it would be jah like.


Hope you enjoyed, i do plan on getting some videos up soon. may wait till my garden is re arranged so i can actually access the plants. right now i can get under them, in two corners, and in one door way. so its a pain to get pictures, and almost impossible to get full shots of the garden or full plant pics.

up next i will be showing results so far of a handful of days of underlighting..

Stay tuned ;)

underlighting update

got a handful of branches that were sagging from to much weight, i even have a fan under that canopy and they arent strong enough, may just need more lighting earlier on in the flower cycle, which i will have next run..

right here we have me pointing to a particular flower, now remember this is pgsc.. this flower is not as rock hard as up on top but its a solid flower compared to most indicas.

now for the un interrupted pic update of underlighting


now ive heard even on 420mag that underlighting isnt just something you can do but actual claims to it not being good for your plant (something about under the leaves dont like light) well i like to do things myself, my dad raised me to learn by making my own mistakes so i decided to go for it. I wont be going back, i need more underlighting!!

I have no room in my tent to move around, every inch is being used. i actually just cut 2 nugs off because they were pressing against the tent and i couldnt pull them in or else it would be pressing against another cola, so i chopped 2 out early. So here is a short video showing my platinum girl scout cookies im able to access this plant, sweet baby jane, and old island indica, and then underneath the canopy.

Pictures of the nugs i cut out in fear of them molding in the next 30 days. they were on the outside of the led side and the suction of the fan caused the tent to be pressing against two of the tops. they are solid dense flowers so my fear was in the next week or two they would mold. tying them down and pulling it into the tent further would be a option but it is packed with no space without causing another mold issue.


i expect a half oz from these two tops. the weight will be noted and the rest of old island indica #5 will be harvested in 30 days.

Now the plant that i cant leave alone, every day i have to squeeze a flower just for the smell.
i love pgsc, but really want that sunset sherbert strain!! my source wont release it yet, hopefully this year!

this has beel sitting in storage eeking me off for a good while now. a grower friend of mine started growing for a youtube grower so he got rid of his gear, i bought a good portion of it. one of his hoods had a splice in it so i never used it. he said it worked fine but i will take the 30 min to make it not so hazardous.

(while hood is unplugged)
Here is once the screws are taken out from inside the light fixture

Taking wire nuts off both positive and negative as well as unscrewing the ground nut

the cut off portion of spliced cord. some tools used

Took a break, placed everything inside the hood, now back to work

The reason being for the break i took. this little black plug holding the main power cord is a pain to get out, for a good reason.

Everything is back together and the cut off piece of cord, didnt lose much in process, about 10" to a foot

Soon i will have pictures of the work done at my shop as well!

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