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Old Movie: Jewell Robbery


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A couple of days ago, Turner Classic Movies played a pre-code film,1931, called Jewel Robbery. The star was William Powell, who later played in the Thin Man series. A very polished debonair dude who at times of stress, would offer people a cigarette from his fancy cigarette case with lighter attached.
The jewelery store owner accepts a smoke rather than be locked up in the vault and is baked in no time. High society people take cigarettes from the case and even the cops come into possession of the case and get ripped. The contents of the smokes is never mentioned. After the film is over, the M.C., Robert Osborne, says that after the film was shown, the studio received very few letters of disapproval, but were swamped with letters from mid-America and squares wanting to know the brand name of those cigarettes and where could they get them.
So there was a pro pot film in 1931.

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Very cool observance my friend.

I can't believe it wasn't denounced by Anslinger...that raciest SOB!!!
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