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I've been growing in a hydro setup since last Oct.,on my 5th crop now. First 4 were an unknown strain, clone from clone from clone. So I purchased some mother clones but they went downhill in the FF medium. Could not figure out how to make them better. I finally went old school and put them in another soil medium. I know dirt, have a green thumb for veggies and flowers, finally the moms are looking better. New growth is looking like it should. I had no confidence in myself, gave up trying to use the hydro nutes, transplanted and all is getting better. Sometimes you have to go with what you know! :peace:


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good for you switching to what you know. heck, how old is hydroponics? Plants have been growing in soil since the beginning of time.
:welcome: 2 :420: granny

glad u decided to join us here @ 420mag. some people can grow monsters in soil but cant grow a weed in hydro . and the other way around . your right saying u have to go with what u know and get confident .
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With my new knowledge applied, Day 2 and my clones still look great in the box! (I was advised to get distilled to use in the clone boxes and for misting.) Also, the mothers in their new soil are looking SO much better! The new growth is looking good! Ok...I can breath again now!
Grannie Evie.. good for you! I'm glad to hear your clones are doing well now and really glad that you're sharing what you've learned here!
Look forward to seeing more from you. Take care! :peace:
i keep the ph 5.5 to 5.8 in my 5 gl diy clone bucket . distilled water will ph at 7.0 or a little above .

this is a clone a little less than a month old .