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My intro here is now, my pot intro was 1973. Been a long strange trip for sure. First grows, usually with other plants for camouflage, never satisfactory. First education, took agriculture classes in high school, they never did figure out this long hair's reason to hang with farmers. My greenhouse senior year was legendary; to all of 6 people...still a criminal activity...Shhhh! Now, 43 years later, still learning and my grown children are often my best teachers. I did not introduce them to cannabis, as I felt the ex-wife would use it in court, but I now relax with them whenever possible. First bag of weed for me was damp mexican drying in brown lunch bag...a "lid". After being crimnal for all those years, my first dispensery visit was a nirvana! Epiphany! I'm still shy of of new trends, dabs/wax is too much usually. Still prefer a nice joint in rice paper: like I said, Old School. Oh yeah, I voted for rec-refer last week! California! Moonbeam Brown will sign that law, I love irony. Cheers Friends
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