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I was given about 20 seeds that are about 15-20 years old. I have tried 3 different methods to germinate but no luck. I did 3 seeds 3 different ways. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
I haven't tried it yet so no idea on if it helps/works or not, saw this on a site I got some seeds from but didn't see it until I had already soaked a couple seeds so I may try it next time or if these don't pop:

For fresh seed or old seeds, we use pinto bean juice. We first soak dried pinto beans in PH water for 24 hours and then strain off beans and use that water for germination. This adds natural nutrients and for old seeds this softens the shell covering making it easier for embryo to grow free. The older the seed the harder the shell.

But like I said never tried it, but don't see how it could hurt and it seems to make sense.
Use a sharp blade wiped with alcohol and trim the seam of the seed and the pointy end. Put a pinch of earthworm casting in a cup of water let it sit a day and use the water to moisten paper towel for the seeds to go into. 80 degrees or so.
Or you can get some GA and soak them in 500 ppm solution.
or you can get some ga and soak them in 500 ppm solution.

I have some kilamanjaro seeds that just won't crack
Any ideas are great
I've seen where people put sandpaper in a match box, then put the seeds and shake. Will rough em up propper.
Tried that...no dice

These are fresh to me from a seed bank but no clue of the age

Going to try and sand the seem and the end and really scruff em up with sandpaper
Sounds like it could be the shells are to hard. I would start with the least invasive first then you could get more aggressive as you go.
He is what I would do.

Step 1 Put sand paper in a empty stick match box. ( Small one is best ) Put seeds in and rattle them around for a while. This will scuff up the surface to let water into the seed.
Step 2 Soak overnight. Then germinate in a paper towel. I use just water though you may want to try some of the suggestions given you.
I would give them a week making sure to keep the paper towel moist but not drowning the seed.
Step 3 If nothing has happened in a week. I would try the razor blade or zacto knife. Handle the seed lightly and scrap alond the pointed ridge of the seed. Scrap along the edge do not try to cut the edge off. Leave it in the paper towel but soak it good over night again. 8 to 10 hour is fine. Then drain the paper towel and go back to just keeping it moist for another week.
Step 4 If after another week there is no sign of germination. Try to lightly squeeze the seed to get it to barely crack along the edge. and repeat the process one more time.
If after all this they still do not pop crack them open to see what you are dealing with. A friend a batch of beautiful seeds with not a damn thing in them. Just a shell lol. Same guy had a seeds finally pop after 3 weeks from a older strain. Good luck with yours and don't give up.
Hello to everybody, I am still very unfortunate with germinating/sprouting ones of the best ever seeds old approximately 12 years. I have already tried GA3 or germinating in a jar with air pump and DMSO and Superthrive but so far they only crack a little and yes they are viable with white insides but nothing more...they dont have the much needed strenght it seems. Is there anybody with profound experience on this matter, please. If somebody really helps me, I will be generous as those seeds are deeply dear to my heart. Thank you Ondrej from CZ
Put them in the freezer for two days first. Some seeds need a frost cycle to germinate.
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I use the smaller notch and just squeeze till I hear a pop. I had to sand the area where the plastic handle bumps against each side to get the metal part to meet right.
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