OldMedMan Goes Indoors Part 2

:thanks: so much for the link - it helped me find OMM's new home!!! Us ol' folks just can't figure anything out quickly!

Well, well, Look who's here......It's Granny420!:circle-of-love::high-five::love:
No joke girl it's getting harder and harder. However we do it! Can't keep us old farts down. How are you Girl? :cheer:

Sooooooo Glad to see you! Lovies!!!:laughtwo::party::ganjamon:
I just started reading this and wow 159 pages? I ought to be done next month or the one after?lol I know I will learn a ton and have some fun also. Thanks

Well Hello there Arizonameds :welcome:

So glad to see you here!:circle-of-love:

I know...it's pretty long...thanks for reading it. If you want to really be entertained read the stories in my Blog.
All true about my earlier adventures. When I was a bad boy.

Yep, hopefully you can learn a bit as we good along. As you know...We cover allot of territory.

You might try my current journal too!
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