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Oldsmokey Grows Blue Cheese & Blueberry With Promix


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Hello everyone and welcome to my first journal. I have been hanging around here for a while now. Been off work because of the covid-19 for almost 2 months. Seems like the perfect time to start a journal. So let's jump right in then!

I will be growing in a 4.5'x8'x8' room in the basement of my house. I will be using my phone for the most part to document this.

3 Blue Cheese feminized from Barney's Farm
1 Blueberry feminized free seed from Canukseeds

Promix HP

.5 gallon plastic pots to start
7 gallon fabric pots

PH 5.5 - 6.5

1000 watt HID dimable ballast MH/HPS

6" inline fan 350CFM with 24" carbon filter
4" inline fan for fresh air
12" oscillating fan on floor for circulation
16" oscillating wall mount fan for circulation

My plan for this grow is to do some topping and LST and vegging for min of 8 weeks. I hope this will be a fun grow I welcome any advise, suggestions, questions and of course humour!

My grow space




Blue Cheese #1

Blue Cheese #2

Blue Cheese #3 always a slow poke

So that's about it for now I will probably update every few days or so unless something exciting happens.

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I’m in! Looking forward to seeing your methods to growing in promix hp. I’ll be using it in my next run and I wanna learn as much has possible.
Hello and welcome briefbriefs promix hp is easy to grow in. I like it because no nutes in it. So your in charge of what goes in. I like to keep things simple. That's why I am using megacrop as well.


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Just a quick update I have been concerned with BC#3. She was slow germinating and the last one planted. So a couple of days ago I started another Blueberry seed as insurance. This morning I plant the insurance seed. We will see witch on breaks the surface first I am betting BB. I will still be growing only 4 plants. 4 works best in My room.

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Hello all a quick update Blue Cheese #3 finally broke the surface along with my backup Blueberry #2 sometime last night. All girls are under 1000w MH at 50% so around 500w its hanging about 3 feet above plants. So I will grow all out till I up pot at that time 1 of them has to go. i only want 4 plant in my room. Better to many than not enough I Guess.

Blue Cheese 1

Blue Chesse 1JPG.JPG

Blu Cheese 2
Blue Cheese2.JPG

Blue Cheese 3
Blue Cheese3.JPG

Blueberry 1

Blueberry 2

That's all for now.

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